3,700 kilograms of illegal fireworks discovered in Tilburg

During an undercover operation last Thursday, police found 3,700 kilograms of fireworks in a building on the Hultenseweg in Tilburg. They also arrested a 42-year-old man from Amersfoort and a 45-year-old man from Wijchen. The discovery was not announced until Monday as the source of the fireworks was still under investigation, a police spokesperson said.

According to the spokesperson, it is the “first big fireworks display of the year. And it will certainly not be the last”.

According to the spokesperson, the discovery of the fireworks was a “coincidence”. Plainclothes investigators followed a truck on Thursday, which was not returned after a rental. The stolen truck was parked next to five containers in a peripheral area between Hulten and Tilburg. While being observed, two men opened one of the containers and lifted boxes into the stolen truck’s loading area.

The boxes had an explosion hazard warning label. Investigators decided to intervene. The boxes contained 3,700 kilograms of fireworks, including dangerous fireworks like seashells and cakes, a firework display that ignites several fireworks effects in succession. There were no fireworks in the other four containers, but police found, among other things, shoes.

Police released the arrested men from custody over the weekend and will file a case against them. The police are still investigating the origin of the fireworks.

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