5 cute tattoo ideas to inspire your next piece of body art

Planning some cute tattoo ideas is part of the fun of getting your first or next inking. We’ve rounded up some fun ideas, whether you’re looking for something subtle, like a chic micro tattooor a tattoo that will make a real statement.

While you may find something you like in one of these binders at the tattoo parlor, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead what your ideal design might be. Not only does this ensure you’ll be happy with the finished product, but establishing what you want in your mind ahead of time helps you connect with the piece, which is important considering this is an add-on. permanent to your body.

Finding cute tattoo ideas that are both meaningful to you and timeless is key, ensuring you don’t jump on a trend you’ll regret for years to come. Take your time browsing through these ideas and you should end up with something you’ll enjoy looking at every day.

Cute Tattoo Ideas – My Imperfect Life montage

1. A symbolic or meaningful tattoo for you

Everyone has different symbols and references that speak to them, so getting a symbolic tattoo is a great way to ensure your inking is something particularly meaningful to you. For example, many people honor deceased relatives or pets with something that reminds them of their loved ones. If you want a tattoo with a whole lot of meaning behind it, symbolic tattoos might be the way to go.

They can include any of:

  • significant or inspirational quotes or words
  • the name or initials of a loved one
  • an important date
  • a symbol of your favorite hobby or that of a loved one
  • song lyrics or quotes from TV shows or movies that resonate with you

2. Floral Tattoos

If you want to get a cute tattoo that you will love to look at, consider designing a floral tattoo. Floral tattoos are extremely popular and therefore trendy right now. And they don’t have to be large, inked pieces that cover the whole back – many people choose tiny flowers or even delicate outlines of stems and flowers, which are perfect for decorating a wrist, back or neckline. part of an arm.

3. Small finger tattoos

Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Chrissy Teigen, and Ariana Grande have all popularized finger tattoos, which are normally very small inkings on the front or side of the finger. From musical notes to little sayings, finger tattoos are usually delicate and beautiful, so it’s no surprise that they’re popular with celebrities and normal people alike. A finger tattoo is also a great way to show off your new ink because we all have our hands on our hands most of the time.

Many people are familiar with the trend of inking wedding rings on their ring finger (one of the best tattoo ideas for couples), but when choosing a finger tattoo, you are not limited to one design or one style. However, popular options include:

  • celestial tattoos – whether small stars or small moon inking
  • small delicate hearts (as above)
  • climbing flowers or foliage (the tattoo can wrap around the finger in a way reminiscent of real life)
  • tattoo jewelry, such as pendants or rings

4. Minimalist Tattoos

Similar to symbolic tattoos, minimalist tattoos can have a lot of meaning. Normally these are small, thin line tattoos (rather than something filled in) and can be almost anything from a small lightning bolt to a single star. Minimal tattoos are easy to dress up or dress down and can be placed anywhere on the body, be it the collarbone, ankle or foot.

There are no rules with minimal tattoos, so you don’t have to feel limited by one style, trend, or idea. Why not choose a small boat or plane silhouette, if you like to travel? Or, for permanent jewelry, why not get a thin bracelet tattooed on your wrist, or a ring tattooed on your hand?

A few other ideas include:

  • a short quote or a word
  • an animal silhouette
  • a simplified image of the sun or the sea
  • a constellation of stars
  • a collection of clouds

Choose a minimal tattoo if you are new to body art or unsure about committing to a larger design.

5. Surreal or psychedelic tattoos

If you’re a fan of modern art, classic rock, sci-fi, or just anything unique, a surreal or psychedelic tattoo might be perfect for you. Surreal tattoos are a great choice for a tattoo veteran as they are usually a little bolder and more colorful. Normally they are larger than the cute tattoo ideas mentioned above, so you will need to be 100% sure before you sit in the tattoo artist’s chair.

These types of tattoos can be more difficult to visualize and plan on your own. If you are having difficulty, consult your tattoo artists to combine ideas and create a design. Many tattoo artists like to combine multiple themes and characters into one surreal tattoo, and can often work to create a unique tattoo design that won’t be seen on anyone else.

How to take care of a new tattoo

No matter what type of cute tattoo ideas you choose, the rules for maintaining a new tattoo remain consistent. And while your tattoo artist will give you a rundown of aftercare instructions once you’re done getting inked, here’s a little reminder.

Once the new tattoo is inked on your body, your tattoo artist will cover it with a thin layer of petroleum jelly and then place a bandage or plastic wrap over the top. Then it’s up to you:

  • Keep your tattoo covered for 24 hours, after which you can remove the bandage and wash it gently with soap and water.
  • Apply regular moisturizer or petroleum jelly to the tattoo and be sure to keep that area clean for the next few days. Reapply moisturizer to the tattoo regularly to keep it from flaking.
  • You should avoid swimming and sun exposure for about two weeks, and never scratch or scrape your tattoo to prevent it from developing an infection while it heals.

Christopher S. Washington