A star-spangled stanza discovered in the Mississippi River

BELTRAMI COUNTY – An aquatic invasive species has been discovered in part of the Mississippi River southeast of Bemidji.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has confirmed the presence of multiple sclerosis in a section of the river between Wolf Lake upstream and Cass Lake downstream. The stretch of the Mississippi River lies within the boundaries of the Leech Lake of Ojibwe strip and was found at a resort on the river.

The starry strophée was discovered at Wolf Lake in 2018 and Cass Lake in 2016.

It is the 19th body of water in Minnesota to be infested with multiple sclerosis. These are algae that resemble native aquatic plants and can form dense mats, interfere with lake use, and smother native vegetation.

Star stonewort has never been eradicated from a lake or river in the United States, but treatments can reduce the risk of spread.

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