AI art is an opportunity to explore technological potential

The growing interest in artificial intelligence (AI) art in Qatar offers artists the opportunity to explore the different potentials of technology to create exceptional pieces, said a university professor and media artist.
“AI art is something that I promote and since people have varied creativity, we will have different possibilities and stories to tell,” said Dr. James She, associate professor in the College of Science and Technology. engineering from Hamad Bin Khalifa University in Qatar, to Gulf Times. .
He was speaking on the sidelines of his latest exhibition titled “Keep Flying: AI Art and Arabic Heritage”, which will be held until May 31 at Katara – the Cultural Village Building 19.
The unique exhibition showcases a collection of 15 man-machine co-generated paintings that showcase one of the precious and living heritages of Qatar and the Gulf, falconry.
Dr. She’s latest exhibition, which features artwork produced using AI Style Transfer technology, aims to show the distinctive characteristics of falcons and falconers in a new way while preserving their aesthetics and values original sentimental.
With AI art, Dr She said artists in Qatar and the region can go beyond using traditional techniques and materials to tell an interesting local story.

“If you can make it artistic and ‘culturally aware’ a lot of apps will become really powerful and relevant to the local community,” he said.
However, Dr. She stressed the need to continuously innovate and be more creative in modifying or developing new AI technologies.
“There’s no magic, AI is a technology, it’s an algorithm that learns data, and it’s like a human, you learn by data but if you don’t educate that person on culture (for example), then it’s hard to do a good job,” he said, citing the key role that AI plays in various sectors of society.
“In education, you’re looking for a lot of visual content, it’s not about art but you want to make things attractive and artistic, but you also want them to fit culturally with your audience,” noted Dr. She, who discussed ‘AI for calligraphy’ in November last year. “Calligraphy is something really important in this region, in this culture, so you can see a lot of applications.”

Christopher S. Washington