Amazon Art Works Presents Poisoned Apple Piece :: Mmegi Online

A Molepolole theater group called Amazon Art Works will present their new play called The Poisoned Apple at the Molepolole IHS Auditorium starting tomorrow. On Saturday there will be two events at 2pm and 7pm while on Sunday it will start at 6pm.

Mlungisi Molelekeng and Lucas Segopa wrote the play while Amazon Art Works Theater group administrator Linda George coordinated it. In an interview with Arts & Culture, director of Ikakanyeng Performing Artists, Dops Baipidi said that the production’s goal is to raise awareness in society about gender-based violence (GBV) and passion killings.

He said such problems are continuously occurring at an alarming rate, especially in Molepolole. “The story centers on GBV which leads to passion killings. It is a tragic play about a young man named Kentse Senai played by Keorapetse Moeletsi who killed his wife Precious Senai, played by Elizabeth Leuwe, and her lover” Flesh” after catching them sleeping together in his house while he’d been busy paying attention to his drinking buddies. “Kentse ended up in jail and charged with murder. In prison, he shared his story with other inmates and it touched and changed their behavior and way of thinking.

They started to see life differently and realized the effects of their bad deeds on society,” he said.

He also explained that Kentse’s father blamed himself for his son’s behavior as he also lived with a burden that inflamed him emotionally and spiritually, adding that he was haunted by the ghost of his late wife whom he had killed a long time ago and no one knew about it. except him alone. It is said that Senai believes it was a family curse caused by his huge deep secret. Baipidi said that from generation to generation, a poisoned apple is passed down from generation to generation. He also indicated that the poison apple could also signify the results of eating the forbidden fruit from a man’s garden.

He said that although The Poisoned Apple show was not financially supported, Botswana Defense Force Air Force Command at Thebephatshwa Air Base partnered with Amazon Art Works. Theater Group by supporting the TAB Band sound system to enhance performance while Sedux Designs with graphics, Dops Creations with marketing, TheGuy Photography with multimedia and Ari Senwelo, an individual businessman, sponsored the show with l water CLEAN WATER in a bottle. Tickets sell for P80 (standard) on promotion and P100 on entry; VIP ticket at P200, special double tickets for couples at P300. VIPs will also receive poison caps and free refreshments during the show.

Christopher S. Washington