Archbishop Walsh IB Students Host Art Exhibit | News

OLEAN – Seven senior candidates for the International Baccalaureate Diploma at Archbishop Walsh Academy have completed their graduate-level art courses.

As part of the course, seniors are required to display their work in an art exhibition setting. Kathleen Shay, the visual arts teacher, hosted a reception for family members and students on March 31.

The art exhibit was well attended by families and community members as each student presented their exhibits and explained their individual work to the public. Part of the International Baccalaureate arts program requires students to forego extensive artistic processes and writing assignments, as well as students choosing an aesthetic-based theme at the start of the year.

Dominic Esposito chose the theme of “distraction” for his work. Her work includes a variety of mediums, including two-dimensional work, sculpture, and photography.

Noella Policastro’s theme was “The Dark Parts of Our Minds” and included a variety of mediums, including a UFO sculpture and custom shoes that tie together her entire show.

Keely Policastro has developed a “Negatives of the Mind” theme. Keely’s theme incorporated aspects of the unknowingness of the ocean and she made great analogies in the process. Everett Swenson followed the theme of “immersion” and his work included a focus on architecture in space and works rendered in traditional and computer media. Alexandria Hays’ theme was ‘truth’ and she created some very interesting pieces including embroidery and a 2D multimedia piece.

Abby Bailey chose the theme “Peace and War” and her work explored the contrast between these two concepts and included a mix of mediums ranging from two-dimensional to 3D.

Last of the exhibition, Catherine Przybyla centered her art on the theme of “Identity”. Her work followed a very thorough interpretation of what exactly identity can mean to an individual, she also included embroidery and glass etching in her show.

Walsh officials say this year has been fantastic with a great group of students. Each of these senior International Baccalaureate candidates has proven their future success through hard work at this esteemed academic level.

Christopher S. Washington