ARTWORKS: Lifelines – Event Information

There is a distinct dichotomy between man-made environments and nature. And yet, when we look at the architecture, the maps and the manufactured creations, there is also a noticeable duality. Strong and sweet. Seeping into engineering, style and functionality are the common patterns, textures and shapes found in nature. Observing our city from above, you can compare the streets and alleys that branch out and reconnect to the veins of a leaf. Keeping us structurally sound and full of life.

Biotic and abiotic surfaces and structures appear in much of what we create. There is a harmonic correlation with the manufactured world around us and the marks of the environment. Introducing these textures and materials into our living spaces generates a sense of comfort through the use of familiar, organic forms. They support us and appeal to us for comfort and stability.

life lines asks how we integrate nature into our lives, whether consciously or not. Exploring organic shapes and textures and how this affects the way we interact with the spaces we inhabit. Exhibit the works of Sera Waters, Asha Southcombe, Cedric Varcoe, Anna Révész, Jonathan Kim, Kay Lawrence, Anna Dowling, Loren Orsillo, and Janette Gay, life lines shows how these artists explore ideas of nature and the environments around us.

life lines is presented at City Hall as part of the ART WORKS Early Career Curator Program and is offered by Guildhouse in partnership with the City of Adelaide.

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Image credits: Asha Southcombe, Marker, 2021, Graphite drawing on paper, 59.4 x 84.1cm. Photographing Sia Duff

Christopher S. Washington