Audio output of PG&E worker finding the power line that started Dixie

Newly released audio shows a PG&E employee telling the news that a fallen tree on a power line started the biggest fire in state history.

CALIFORNIA, USA – Audio was released from a PG&E Thursday telling the utility company’s dispatch that he believed a tree falling on a power line caused the Dixie fire.

The audio is from July 13 after a PG&E employee saw a fallen tree on the power line. The worker told a federal judge that he refused to uphold his initial response.

“I’m not going to deny that’s probably what I said,” the worker said. “I am not a fire investigator,” he said

Here’s what we could hear on the newly released audio:

Worker: There is a tree on the line. Lit a fire. Oh my God.

Distributor: Did the tree grow in the row or fell into the row?

Worker: No, it fell. He fell in line.

Distributor: And is that what started the fire?

Worker: Correct. No, it has started.

Cal Fire and local prosecutors are investigating whether the tree should have been identified and removed. PG&E told a federal court that the tree was not identified as a hazard during the last tree inspection.

The Dixie Fire is currently the largest wildfire in California state history, which burned 963,309 acres. The August complex is the largest current fire in California history, which burned 1,032,648 acres in 2020.

The Dixie Fire was fully contained in October after more than three months of destruction.

PG&E is on federal probation for six felonies after committing the deadly San Bruno gas explosion in 2010. The utility company is linked to wildfires that killed at least 133 people while on probation.

PG&E admitted 84 counts of manslaughter in 2020 for killing people in the 2018 camp fire.

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