Auto body shops see delays in receiving parts

Obtaining products and parts is a constant problem for businesses of all types.

STARKVILLE, Mississippi (WCBI) – Obtaining products and parts is an ongoing problem for businesses of all types. The automotive industry is a particularly affected area. Auto body shops around the world have experienced delays in obtaining the parts they need to perform repairs, hampering their business.

“I’m just trying to keep my head above water by fixing what we can and managing what we can in front of us,” said Allen’s body shop manager JD Edwards.

For Edwards, it has been difficult to get the parts they need to get people back on the road. It’s a problem they’ve been dealing with for some time.

“When the pandemic started it was a bit difficult, then it got better… now all of a sudden it’s back like no one can do anything with coins. I would say this year is worse than last year, ”said Edwards.

Edwards said the parts are there; they just have a hard time getting them to the stores.

“From what I’ve been told, they all lack help moving the pieces. It’s not necessarily that they can’t get coins, it’s just that they don’t have anyone to help them out, ”Edwards said.

Accidents happen, whether in life or while driving; some are worse than others. Edwards encouraged people who don’t have major damage to their cars to wait patiently for those who do.

“I schedule people for two weeks and sometimes three weeks depending on the severity of their wreck. If your car can be driven, I ask you to wait a few weeks and let me remove some of the ones that aren’t, because these people literally have nothing to do, ”Edwards said.

Edwards and his team strive to get cars in and out as quickly as possible. It doesn’t matter which body shop people go to; they are encouraged to be patient and understand that delays affect everyone.

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