Awakened fireworks organizers replace bonfire with big screen TV showing fire to ‘save the environment’

The WOKE fireworks organizers removed the bonfire at a Guy Fawkes party – and replaced it with a giant TV showing a fire.

Sparklers are also banned at the event, with advertisements claiming the changes will be better for the environment.


Wake up fireworks organizers removed bonfire at Guy Fawkes party – and replaced it with giant TV showing fire

But there will at least still be fireworks to brighten up the night.

It will be the first time that the traditional festivities have taken place without a real fire at the Dulwich Sports Club, in the richest and most awakened corner of south-east London.

Up to 7,000 people usually attend the exhibition run by the private club.

An advertisement for the display reads: “This year’s event is ‘Going Green’ with an eco-friendly virtual bonfire on the big screen.

“Strictly no sparklers, these will not be allowed on the site.”

Adult tickets are sold for £ 10 while children go to pick up a book and there is on-site parking for those who go by car.

Locals called the potential spectacle “joyless” – and accused organizers of putting on an “unnecessary party”.

Mum Masie Bennett said: “Other than last year because of Covid, the fireworks evening bonfire is usually an annual event for me and the kids.

I just don’t understand the point of shooting the bonfire but continuing with the fireworks – and allowing everyone to get to the event by also having parking. It’s barely green.

“A fake bonfire is pretty joyless. If we’re just going to watch a flame on a TV screen, then it’s kinda sucks and we might as well do it at home.

The virtual bonfire is believed to be the first in Britain – although the country is very proud of the November 5 celebrations.

A rival fireworks display is normally staged around the same time by Southwark Council.

Dulwich union adviser Richard Leeming said: “The idea sounds interesting and I hope everyone involved has a fun evening.

“Dulwich is the birthplace of innovation, so I’m not surprised this is a first. “


But one of the executives of a bonfire company in Lewes, East Sussex – home to the country’s most famous bonfire celebrations – blasted: ‘We’re going to have to make Dulwich our next effigy. for trying to turn the night into a fun fair.

Dulwich is known for its hip, cosmopolitan and legal residents.

The village atmosphere is popular with left-wing environmentalists and university students.

Critics say bonfires are bad for the environment because they release toxic fumes into the atmosphere.

Susie Giles, Secretary of the Dulwich Sports Club, said: “Tickets are still selling incredibly well and they are again this year.

“I think people are focusing on the full fireworks display that we will be having.

“We normally get around six to seven thousand each year and we’re on the right track again.

“People know it’s going to be an eco-friendly bonfire this year, so that doesn’t seem to have turned them off.

“The decision was made by a separate organizing committee, but there are good reasons behind it.”

The old bonfire at Dulwich Sport Club


The old bonfire at Dulwich Sport Club
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Exhibition organizers cut fire at Guy Fawkes partyCredit: Times Newspapers Ltd
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