BAM! Buffalo Art Movement Gallery Opening – Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Art Movement (BAM!) opens an exhibition space and art incubator at 255 Great Arrow Avenue, Suite 200 on December 18. Not only is this great news for the building, but it’s also great news for Buffalo.

In addition to a new space dedicated to the arts, BAM! founder Francisco J Hernandez-Illizaliturri (Paco) has assembled an impressive culturally-appropriate team that includes writers, artists, marketing gurus, digital strategists, curators, photographers and exhibition experts.

What we are looking at here is akin to the formation of some of Buffalo’s other legendary and accomplished art centers that have been able to move conversations about art forward.

In addition to being an art enthusiast, Hernandez-Illizaliturri – Lymphoma Section Chief and Professor of Oncology at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center – also served the Burchfield Penney Art Center as a board member. Now he’s ready to embark on a passion project that will elevate Buffalo’s already vast art scene.

“We wanted to create an exhibition space that supports local artists and encourages collaboration between patrons, students, galleries, art institutions and our community,” Hernandez-Illizaliturri said. “Buffalo has great artists and they deserve to be seen and celebrated in an environment free from prejudice.”

Fritz Proctor

BAM! will open with three exhibitions. Among the artists are Niagara Falls native Fritz Proctor, whose collective works – titled “On the cave” – explore the relationship (and intimacy) between nature, self and family, during a time of duress (the pandemic), and how these supernatural times have left people thinking about what it means to be human, and how the fundamental concept of ‘shelter’ has taken on a new meaning.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is something everyone can relate to and has affected everyone,” Proctor said. “For the first time in many people’s lives, they felt the need for shelter.

Peter Fowler

Prolific Buffalo Artist Peter Fowler will also exhibit his works. Fowler has been a staple of the local art scene—his oil paintings (landscapes, cafe scenes, and imaginary figures) hang in countless galleries, offices, restaurants, and cafes across WNY. Fowler’s ability to “Let the Paint Speak”, culminated in his ability to capture Buffalo’s heart and soul for decades.

“Breathe 3” by Rich Tomasello will be exhibited as part of our opening exhibition “Art as a Political Weapon”, featuring Chuck Tingley, Craig Larotonda and Jonathan Stafford.

The new BAMS! exhibition space and art incubator is dedicated to emerging and established artists, and is in place to “encourage collaboration between patrons, students, arts institutions and the community.

Buffalo Art Movement (BAM!) is set to open at 255 Great Arrow Avenue, Suite 200 this Friday, December 18.

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