Bay St. George, St. John’s RCMP Support New Indigenous Artwork at Detachments

BAY ST. GEORGE, NL — RCMP Bay St. George Detachment has commissioned local Mi’kmaq artist Marcus Gosse to create a new art installation for their wellness room.

The piece titled Peace – Wantago’ti Mural features a bear, salmon and the Mi’kmaq star, which represents the Bay St. George area, RCMP said.

The bear and the salmon are basking in the sun, embracing the beauty, calm, tranquility and harmony of their surroundings.

The eight-pointed star honors all cultures and is an important Mi’kmaq symbol.

Police work can be intense and difficult, and having this feel-good space for RCMP employees helps them when they need to get away for a few moments, said State Sgt. -major. Bennett.

“The incredible artwork created by Marcus reflects the culture of many area residents, but also eight of our detachment employees who are Aboriginal,” said Bennett.

“The wellness room also contains a smudging bowl and medicine for those who wish to participate in a cleanse during working hours.”

The Peace – Wantago’ti Mural depicts a bear, a salmon, and the Mi’kmaq star, which represents the Bay St. George area. The mural was created by Marcus Gosse and resides at the Bay St. George RCMP Detachment. Contributed – Contributed

The Wellness Room is a space where employees can rest and reflect as needed, and the new art is meant to support them in their work.

Gosse also created artwork for the Newfoundland and Labrador RCMP Headquarters in St. John’s, which was unveiled at the event on Tuesday, October 11.

The Courage – Mlkikno’ti canvas painting is displayed near the main entrance to the police headquarters.

Gosse described the painting as two bears reflecting not only physically but spiritually. The bear symbolizes strength, courage, protection, patience and other traits.

Christopher S. Washington