BC SPCA supports federal petition calling for fireworks bans.

He says fireworks pose a significant health risk to pets, farm animals and wildlife, noting that trying to escape the noise animals can seriously injure themselves.

He also added that the fireworks:

  • Zoned source of pollution and toxic debris. It can contaminate soil and water, reduce air quality, and injure or poison animals, and
  • started forest fires. During forest fire season, according to the BCSPCA, “fireworks become an additional – and unnecessary – pressure on our forests and a threat to our communities.”

“Fireworks are currently regulated by a mosaic approach in provinces and municipalities, which unfortunately has not been effective in dealing with these dangers,” said the BC SPCA.

The animal welfare organization calls on you to support the petition to protect animals, people and the environment from fireworks.

You can find a link to the petition here.