Bleach Creator Tite Kubo To Draw New Art For Shonen Jump Issue 51

One week away from Shonen Jump Issue 51, Bleach creator Tite Kubo has some exciting news. As revealed on social networks, the mangaka will draw a special poster for the Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War in next week’s issue of the magazine. Not only that, but it will also feature an interview with Tite Kubo, TYBW director Tomohisa Taguchi, and Ichigo Kurosaki voice actor Morita Masakazu.

TITE KUBO to Draw Special Bleach TYBW Anime Poster in Next Week’s WSJ Mag Issue 51

A special interview in WSJMangaka TITE KUBO, TYBW Director TOMOHISA TAGUCHI & Ichigo VA MORITA MASAKAZU

The announcement comes amid the hype already built up for the ongoing course Bleach lively. To the delight of anime fans, the series returned with its final arc and did it emphatically, looking better than ever.

Tite Kubo will design a special poster of Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War for Shonen Jump Issue 51

Such an announcement excited fans as Tite Kubo’s work needs no introduction. Outraged Bleachhe published other works such as zombie powder, burn the witchand several one-shots, including Ultra Unholy Heart Machine, Runemaster Urara, and Bad Shield Unitedto name a few.

Fans of the series have taken to social media to share their excitement, as the work of one of manga’s top artists is something to behold. They were thrilled to hear the announcement and started sharing posters and sketches that Tite Kubo had done in the past. Next week’s Shonen Jump will be truly memorable for Bleach Fans.

As with all news, memes praising and promoting the release of Shonen Jump #51 have flooded social media platforms. Popular memes and references filled Twitter and other social forums. All this testifies to how much the work of Tite Kubo is appreciated and admired.

Expectations and, even more so, hype are extremely high for the Kubo illustration of Tite du Thousand Year Bloody War arc. Returning after about 10 years, the arc follows the war between Quincy and Soul Society. Thought to have been exterminated, the Quincy went into hiding and gathered their power.

Now they have made a comeback, led by Soul King founder and son Yhwach, and have declared war on Soul Society. Calling themselves the Wandenreich, they retook Hueco Mundo after Aizen’s defeat. Yhwach’s goal – to destroy Soul Society, kill and absorb his father, the Soul King, and finally reshape all of existence into a new empire.

Other news

Asta, as seen in Black Clover (Image via Pierrot)
Asta, as seen in Black Clover (Image via Pierrot)

Apart from Bleach, there will be more exciting news in next week’s release of the popular magazine. The author of Monogatari series NISIO ISIN will start a new series titled “Angō gakuen no iroha” in issue 51 of Weekly Shonen Jump. Something to expect there too.

Another news said that Jujutsu Kaisen and black clover won’t be in next week’s release credit for a break. They will return in issue 52 of the magazine. With their return, more information regarding the black clover movie will also be revealed. my hero academiawhich was on hiatus in the 50th issue, will return next week.

Next week’s Shonen Jump will also be a milestone for Akira Toriyama dragonball series as it will celebrate its 36th anniversary. On November 20, 1984, the first chapter of the hugely popular series was published in Weekly Shonen Jump 51.

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