Boom or bust? Butte commissioners are pushing to limit days fireworks can be sold on July 4

BUTTE – The Butte Board of Commissioners recently made a controversial decision to pursue an order that would reduce the number of days fireworks could be sold during the July 4 holiday.

Under current law, fireworks can be sold from June 24e to July 5e and from December 29e on December 31st. Under the new proposal, fireworks sales would be limited from June 27e to July 4e.

John emeigh

“It’s a long enough period of 12 days for people to have to deal with the noise. We had a lot of complaints with the late evening, which on the 3rdrd and the 4e this is to be expected, but people are up in the middle of the night because of the fireworks, they are a little pissed off, ”said 12e District Commissioner Dan Callahan.

This issue was first brought to council over the summer when someone who recently moved to Butte complained about the fireworks. There have been numerous other complaints from residents about people unloading fireworks until the early hours of the morning and even starting fires.

“As people light up at 2 or 3 in the morning, they go to bed and no one knows if a burning spark has started a fire somewhere, so the moment someone realizes it’s a fire, it ‘is a fire in its own right, ”Callahan said.


John Emeigh – MTN News

The Butte Council of Commissioners recently took the controversial decision to enforce an ordinance that would reduce the number of days fireworks could be sold during the July 4 holiday.

A longtime fireworks stand owner fought against this proposal.

“It’s hard enough to make a living here in Butte and now they take four days of the time we have to make a living,” said Ginny Mullaney, co-owner of Jerry’s Fireworks in Butte.

While many find fireworks to be a nuisance, supporters say it is a big tradition in Butte and only once a year.

“You have to understand, it’s for 12 days, you know, it’s not that bad. Suck it up, ”Mullaney said.

The December dates would not change under the new proposal.


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