Breaking the myths about car maintenance before your last summer trip

RICHMOND, Virginia (WWBT) – Before you hit the road one last time this summer, make sure your vehicle is really ready. We’re Shattering Some Myths About Auto Maintenance!

MYTH # 1: Your oil should be changed every 3,000 miles

NO! Not anymore.

“With petroleum today, a lot of them are semi-synthetic oils that will last from 5,000 miles up to 75,000. And some synthetics last even longer than that,” said Brent Stegner, director. an AAA travel center.

He says semi-synthetic oils are what most vehicles use now and are designed to last longer. How do you know for sure what type of oil your vehicle is taking?

“It’s in the owner’s manual. And it’s often on the plug that you put the oil in the engine, ”Stegner said.

MYTH # 2: Car batteries last 5 years.

“There are so many variables in a battery. The weather, whether or not you leave your phone plugged in all the time. Three to five is what you want to look at in a battery, ”Stegner said.

Stegner says that every time you bring your car in for an inspection or an oil change, you should ask to have your battery checked. They’re flowing faster these days.

MYTH # 3: Auto warranties are voided when the work is done by someone other than a dealership.

” This is absolutely not the case. It’s against the law to do that, ”Stegner said.

MYTH # 4: Tires should be replaced when the tread reaches 2/32 ″

“If you look at that little bump right there that runs the full width, it’s 2/32 ″ s. So this tire is probably maybe 5/30 seconds.

Virginia may allow your tires to go up to 2/32 ″ s for inspections, but Stegner says, why let them go so low in the first place?

“Our suggestion is to replace them at three or four thirty seconds. Before it gets too low or before it gets so close to the limit you’re going to have a problem, ”Stegner said.

MYTH # 5: Brake fluid doesn’t need to be changed.

You should always change the brake fluid every two years. Stegner says you’ll be surprised how good the brake pedal feels after flushing out that old brake fluid.

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