Camden Falls Gallery reopens for 2022 season – MAINE ART SCENE MAGAZINE

(Camden, ME) Camden Falls Gallery opens for the 2022 season Thursday, May 19 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. on Camden’s Third Thursday Art Walk featuring the show ‘Homecoming’.

Fueled by the creative efforts of our artists, “Homecoming” offers a first look at many winter projects.
Maine winters can be an extremely productive time, allowing for special projects – planned or unplanned – and a time when artists can open the muse door and let the artwork take control. Featured in the show are Ryan Kohler and Tom Glover; and during this exhibition, the Camden Falls Gallery is very pleased to present Sean Ware.

Tom GloverThe paintings of are good examples of walking the fine line between abstraction and realism. Creating paintings between these two realms is where Tom finds the key to his work. Glover says, “Conjuring up a room with these two painting methods and getting them in sync is the key, that’s where the magic is. Tom spends his time around the Isle of Shoals, swamps and beaches of Maine, where there are an abundance of docks, piers and fishing gear. His paintings are a compilation of many pasted and woven together images collected from those places he loves.

Like Glover, Ryan KohlerThe works of are based on the formal aspects of figurative painting – composition/color/value/texture – but mainly focus on finding abstract yet implicit forms and finding a way to simplify these subjects. In recent years Ryan’s paintings have introduced more paper cut and collage into his paintings which are lively and fun. They engage the viewer with the possibilities of what they are actually looking at. “I’ve always loved puzzles and now my paintings are a bit like puzzles to me, except I can create my own pieces, and they don’t have to fit exactly,” Kohler explains. “In fact, things are much more interesting when I’m imprecise, but in a fun and still descriptive way, which is what I’ve been looking for with all this work. When I’m too literal and too careful with my cutting and my collage, the paintings don’t breathe as well and feel stretched and labored.” Visitors to the Gallery will see that Ryan has certainly embarked on one hell of an adventure with his work this past winter.

Sean Ware is an award-winning painter, illustrator and educator who now lives in Yarmouth, Maine. He constantly explores and creates in the forests and along the coast. His work researches the constant change of everyday environment and environments where there is something new in a familiar thing. It was the surprise variation of routine capturing these changing moments that drew Sean to landscape as a subject. But that’s only the beginning, leaving aside simple observation and then using the landscape more as a starting point than a real reference, Sean’s work goes in a direction of its own. Please join us in welcoming Sean to the gallery and enjoying his early Maine paintings and the promise of spring.

About Camden Falls Gallery

Camden Falls Gallery is located along beautiful Camden Harbor at 5 Public Landing in Camden. The gallery offers a rich diversity of original artwork in contemporary styles, emphasizing the natural beauty of Maine’s mid-coast and its nautical heritage. From mid-May, the Gallery will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, please call 207-470-7027 or visit

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Christopher S. Washington