Cappasity and the New York Academy of Art implement innovative technologies in student education

Cappasity and the New York Academy of Art have partnered for several years to implement innovative technologies in student education.

New York Academy of Art graduate Irina Lakshin tried the 3DShot app and had an incredible idea: she decided to 3D scan Brooke Shields with the app and use the resulting 3D visual as a reference to sculpt the portrait of the actress. The thing is, Brooke has a really busy schedule, and technology has allowed her to avoid posing for a long time.

Sculpting a portrait from life can take several days, depending on the experience of the sculptor and the complexity of the work, so a model usually has to hold the pose for a very long time. But if a sculptor creates a digital twin of the model in Cappasity 3D View format, they can examine the model at any time and from any perceptual angle. It saves the model a lot of time and makes the sculpting process more convenient for the designer.

“We are always looking to implement new and emerging technologies to better prepare students for the ever-changing art world,” comments Peter Drake, NYAA Provost. “The New York Academy of Art was the first school to access Cappasity, and we shared its capabilities with our sculpture students and teachers. It’s simply amazing how our students are mastering this innovative technology and finding smart new uses for it. I am impressed with how easily Irina created a digital twin of Brooke Shields using Cappasity’s 3DShot app. It’s a great example of how immersive technologies can benefit a creator. »

Please watch the video below to see the carving process. You can see Brooke Shields’ digital twin on the sculptor’s tablet.

“With the 3DShot app, creating a 3D visual becomes easier than ever – all you need is a smartphone camera and you can 3D scan anything. Irina’s idea is really awesome – it took her a few minutes to create Brooke’s digital twin with our app, which saved the actress a lot of time, and our proprietary 3D view format is fully interactive and meets the needs perfectly. sculptors, allowing them to look at the model from any angle and see all the fine details needed to sculpt from life We are delighted that NYAA students and alumni find our solution useful and are using it to make the process of creating a work of art more efficient,” comments Elina Minina, Cappasity CBDO and co-founder.

The edtech industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 15% over the next few years and reach a value of $605 billion by 2027. By transforming the entire education landscape, tech has tremendous power to enhance student learning experiences in arts education. The combination of arts and technology not only motivates students and keeps them engaged in the learning process, but also helps them acquire the skills required for future jobs and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Christopher S. Washington