Audio – Econo Lodge Zanesville Ohio Sun, 10 Oct 2021 23:56:06 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Audio – Econo Lodge Zanesville Ohio 32 32 Ann Arbor Video Interest Group Live on Zoom presents Bob Heil, Audio Engineer Sun, 10 Oct 2021 20:08:04 +0000

ANN ARBOR – The guest speaker for Ann Arbor Video Interest Group on October 11 will be Bob Heil, a seasoned sound engineer who worked with legendary rock musicians in the sixties and seventies. He developed a quadraphonic arena sound system for The Who and designed microphones with Joe Walsh in California.

Heil Sound is Bob’s company, founded 55 years ago and now based in St. Louis, MO. Since February 2020, Bob has given over 200 Zoom talks to groups around the world. On Monday evening he will start by talking about audio technology, human hearing and the way we listen.

The Zoom link will be sent a few hours before the 7:00 p.m. meeting to those who RSVP. Thanks to the Executive Chair of the Program Committee, Andy Sacks, for choosing this month’s speaker.

7h00 Welcome and presentations
7:15 am Bob Heil, sound engineer
8:15 Video “Asks” – Open forum for those looking for help, resources, advice on video projects, etc.
8:25 Show and Tell – Videos created by and / or featuring our members. Submit requests to stream videos of less than 5 minutes to [email protected].

8:30 am Next meeting info & adjournment

RSVP here:

Here is the RSVP List from those who have already answered.

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GN Group acquires SteelSeries for $ 1.2 billion Sat, 09 Oct 2021 16:31:00 +0000

Why is this important: The GN Group, whose portfolio includes audio, noise cancellation and hearing loss solutions from Jabra, BlueParrott and Beltone, recently added SteelSeries to its line of audio and peripheral products. SteelSeries provides headsets, keyboards, and other peripherals across multiple PC and console gaming platforms. The $ 1.2 billion acquisition of SteelSeries and its product line reinforces GN’s desire to enter the PC and console gaming market.

SteelSeries, the long-time supplier of gaming peripherals, including the Arctis headset lines and Apex keyboards, was recently acquired by hearing and audio solutions provider The GN Group. GN, which owns several brands of audio and hearing aids, including Jabra and Beltone, bought the company from a private equity firm for DKK 8 billion (DKK), or US $ 1.2 billion ( USD). The acquisition is expected to be finalized by 2022 pending mandatory regulatory approvals.

SteelSeries CEO Ehtisham Rabbani expressed his optimism over the acquisition, stating that “we are on a mission to continually push the boundaries of esports and gaming… and now, with the support of GN, we can turbocharge those efforts. ”GN CEO René Svendsen-Tune was equally positive about the acquisition and said SteelSeries will continue to operate under the same identity and brand.

Since 2001, SteelSeries and their products, which are part of the SteelSeries GG software ecosystem, have provided support ranging from peripherals to tournaments and sponsorships for the PC and console gaming communities. The acquisition now provides GN with a clear path to enter the competitive gaming and esports market. The purchase also grants GN access to KontrolFreek and Nahimic, both of which were acquired by SteelSeries in 2020.

The GN group is no stranger to audio innovation; the company’s past and current efforts include achievements ranging from the first to use 2.4 GHz technology in hearing aids to creating the world’s first professional active noise canceling headphones. Despite this emphasis on audio technologies and solutions, SteelSeries is unlikely to abandon other lines of peripheral products such as game controllers, keyboards and mice. Both companies have stated that the operations and development of SteelSeries will continue under the current leadership of the company.

GN first noted the growth and presence of SteelSeries in the gaming and esports communities and expressed a desire to focus on expanding software controls for SteelSeries and other gaming hardware. These software controls, which can be used to customize everything from hardware lighting to input behavior, provide users with the ability to create a highly personalized and optimized gaming experience.

Image credit: SteelSeries products by SteelSeries; user with headphones by Reynier Carl

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Twenty-four marching bands expected for the Missouri Day Parade next week Fri, 08 Oct 2021 09:42:39 +0000

Twenty-four marching bands and other entries will be at the Missouri Day Parade in Trenton next week. The parade will begin at the corner of Crowder Road and Main Street on October 16, 2021 at 8:30 a.m.

Parade spokesperson Steve Maxey said the road would head south to Ninth Street, turn east and continue to Bulldog Avenue. MThe arching bands will be heading to Normal Street as they will compete in other competitions for the Missouri Day Marching Festival at Trenton High School and CF Russell Stadium. The color guard and auxiliary competition starts at 10 a.m.

Maxey says the entrances will line up before the parade on Crowder Road, adjacent streets and North Main. Participants will be contacted by phone or electronically next week with their parade numbers.

Marching festival spokesperson Phillip Ray said groups participating in the competition’s parade will stage behind Cross Hall. The larger schools will unload on the east side of the Ketcham community center and locate in this area. Buses can drop off students and head to the THS campus.

Ray explains that a group should start the parade every four minutes or so.

Maxey says special guests for the parade will meet at the Farmers Bank of Northern Missouri and be assigned a driver. They will roll to Chestnut Street and be inserted into the parade line-up. Special guests include Miss Missouri Callie Cox of Mexico, Missouri, as well as the region’s homecoming queens, barn warming kings and queens, fair royalty and state lawmakers.

Maxey reports that more than $ 1,500 in cash prizes will be awarded to parade entries, the most ever offered. Most entries receiving prizes will receive $ 100 or $ 50 in cash. This is made possible by businesses and individuals who have made donations.

Maxey says an anonymous donor contributed a $ 500 cash prize to what the judges choose as their favorite marching band. The parade spokesperson notes that the prize is not affiliated with the official judging of the walking festival and that the winner will be determined strictly by the parade judges.

Ray comments that the farthest traveling band is from Pleasant Hope, which he describes as a small community between Springfield and Bolivar.

Parade bands will represent classes 1 to 4. Larger bands will participate in other events.

Maxey says anyone with a convertible or van willing to use it at the Missouri Parade on Oct. 16, 2021, for special guests, is urged to contact a member of the Trenton Rotary Club.

More entrees in general are also desired.

There is no charge for general registrations. Political registrations will cost $ 25. Entries can be registered on the Trenton Area Chamber of Commerce website by going to the Missouri Day Festival tab and clicking on Parade Information.

Maxey adds that it is forbidden to throw candy or other objects from the parade entrances. Participants walking can hand out candy.

Publication displays:

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Audio-Technica’s new wireless quick-pair headphones cost just $ 79 Thu, 07 Oct 2021 11:36:48 +0000

Audio-Technica has released a new model of wireless headphones that you can add to your holiday shopping list if you’re looking for a pair that costs less than $ 100. The ATH-SQ1TW, available since late last year in Japan and other parts of Asia, will cost you $ 79 in the US. It has built-in touch sensor controls that let you control music playback or receive calls without having to use your phone. The model’s voice guidance feature will also tell you the remaining battery level, pairing status, and other information without you having to check the device it is paired with.

Speaking of pairing, the model also supports Google Fast Pair for easy connection to Android phones via Bluetooth. The ATH-SQ1TW has 5.8mm drivers and is capable of up to six and a half hours of continuous use on a full charge. It doesn’t have noise cancellation, but if you want to let in more ambient noise for safety reasons, like walking or jogging outside, it does offer a few options. You can turn on single ear mode to use only one earphone or enjoy earphone listening function.

Audio-Technica gave the base of the model a square design and declined it in six different colors: licorice / black, white popcorn, blueberry, caramel, popsicle and pink / brown cupcake. It is now available through retailers around the country.

All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company. Some of our stories include affiliate links. If you buy something through any of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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Changing the classroom experience with educational audio Wed, 06 Oct 2021 20:12:09 +0000

At Simi Valley Unified School District, we are committed to making sure every learner feels welcome and can access the resources they need to be successful. This commitment is what inspires us to find impactful new ways to support our student body.

So when we realized that our deaf and hard of hearing population in Mountain View Elementary needed more support, we looked for a solution. This came in the form of an instructional audio system.

We were hopeful that the system would alleviate some of the difficulties our students were experiencing. The result was even better than expected: a district-wide change that not only improved the classroom experience for our hard of hearing students, but also changed the classroom experience for all of our students and teachers.

Advocacy for educational audio

Studies over the past four decades have highlighted the crucial link between the ability to hear clearly and learning.

In the Handbook of Acoustic Accessibility, Joseph Smaldino, PhD., And Carol Flexer, PhD., Explain that as the noise level in a room increases, children can lose the ability to multitask or perform demanding learning activities.

This became particularly clear during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our schools have adapted safety protocols such as face masks, social distancing, and distance learning to keep students and staff safe.

The changes related to the pandemic have presented new challenges for schools and districts. Although necessary to prevent the spread of the virus, face masks muffle sound, making it more difficult for teachers to relay information and for students to hear it.

Challenges like these have prompted us to accelerate our plan to implement audio instructional in every classroom in Simi Valley. We knew instructional audio was effective, and by bringing the technology across the district, we were able to better support all of our teachers and students. Federal pandemic relief dollars helped fund the district-wide deployment.

Improving learning for all

In addition to improving speech perception, educational audio has been shown to improve student learning and social behaviors, including increased communication with peers and teachers.

Conducted and certified by the U.S. Department of Education, the Mainstream Amplification Resource Room study determined that a variety of student groups benefit from instructional audio, including:

  • Hearing-impaired students
  • Children under 15
  • Students sitting at the back of the classroom
  • Students with academic difficulties
  • Students in a noisy classroom environment
  • Students in a team teaching environment
  • Students with a soft-spoken teacher
  • Students with learning differences
  • English learners

Clear sound is especially important for students with auditory processing disorders and attention problems – and can help avoid unnecessary referrals. The MARRS study found that the number of students referred to special education in K-6 grades decreased by 43% in amplified classes – for students with and without hearing loss.

Other studies have identified associations between the use of educational audio systems and academic achievement, including literacy, reading fluency, listening comprehension, and reading vocabulary.

We feel these effects firsthand. We quickly realized that educational audio could benefit all learners, not just the hearing impaired.

Reinforcement instruction

However, the need for educational audio does not end with students.

In Visible Learning for Teachers, it is revealed that teachers speak an average of 70-80% of class time. However, teachers who use instructional audio systems report easier speaking and greater vocal endurance, as well as decreased fatigue and greater clarity of voice. This has certainly been the case in our own district. Some of our soft-spoken teachers have reported an increase in energy because they are no longer forcing their voices to be heard.

Mountain View teachers led the charge in our search for an educational audio solution. It was important for us to allow enough time for research, as these were the staff members who would be using the technology in their classrooms every day.

Ultimately, our district decided to implement Lightspeed’s instructional audio system. Even our teachers who aren’t so tech-savvy feel comfortable using it to the fullest in the classroom. They see that when students have fair access to sound, they can capture more than what their teacher is saying – they are also able to capture the instructor’s tone and intonation.

Investing today benefits the learners of tomorrow

Clear communication between teachers and students has never been more urgent. As we rethink what education looks like, what it looks like and what it looks like, it is essential that we reflect on the changes we can make today for the benefit of the students and teachers of tomorrow.

In Simi Valley, educational audio has a tremendously positive impact on the lives of teachers and students. We have cultivated an environment where every learner can hear every word – a goal other districts can achieve.

With pandemic relief funds available to support reopening schools, we suggest that school and district leaders consider including instructional audio in their plans – it has the potential to become one of yours. most essential tools.

Jennifer Goldman is the principal of Mountain View Elementary School in Simi Valley, California. Sean Goldman is the Assistant Superintendent of Student Support Services for the Simi Valley Unified School District.

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/ *“);});}

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Optimal Audio appoints Atendi as Norwegian distributor Wed, 06 Oct 2021 07:01:32 +0000

Optimal Audio appoints Atendi as Norwegian distributor

Norway – Recently launched UK manufacturer Optimal Audio has announced the appointment of the well-respected Atendi as exclusive distributor in Norway.

Optimal Audio, part of the Focusrite group, manufactures a unique control, amplification and speaker solution for small to mid-size commercial installations, with an emphasis on supporting multi-zone locations. Its streamlined product offering works seamlessly to provide easy-to-install, high-quality audio systems that can be easily used by anyone, not just engineers.

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Drammen, Atendi supplies audio, lighting, audiovisual and stage equipment to the professional and commercial markets, and is firmly established as a major player in the industry. The company is an importer of leading brands, supplying a wide range of customers including theaters, TV studios, concert and cultural venues, hotels, conference centers, rental companies, architects and contractors. . Focused on service and support excellence, and combining a high quality portfolio with extensive technical expertise, Atendi’s qualified team is equipped for any challenge.

Raf Willems, EMEA Channel Sales & Marketing Manager, Optimal Audio comments: “We are delighted to welcome Atendi to the Optimal Audio family. With their proven track record of branding in Norway, we are confident they are a perfect fit for us. Øystein, Lorry and their team have built a strong network across Norway and have a deep understanding of the Norwegian market and its dynamics. Atendi is ideally placed to bring Optimal Audio to the market, and I have no doubts that they will quickly establish the brand as a market leader in Norway.

Øystein Wierli, Sound Manager at Atendi adds: “It is with great pleasure and high expectations that we represent Optimal Audio. The commercial audio market in Norway has great potential, and Optimal Audio, with real clarity of purpose, has designed a range from which it is quick and easy to select the right products for your needs. The combination of really smart products with a very competitive price will certainly be attractive for a multitude of hospitality, retail, education and place of worship projects.

October 6, 2021

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Audio reveals that Kyrsten Sinema says she wants to hear from voters. She got her wish Tue, 05 Oct 2021 18:58:17 +0000

This story is co-published with The Daily Poster

Months before the Arizonans started filming Senator Kyrsten Sinema Many times refusing To reply questions about her political positions, she told restaurant lobbyists how important it is for senators to hear what their constituents have to say and for lawmakers to share their positions on the issues and their reasoning.

“Senators need to hear from their constituents,” Sinema said in April. “Hearing voters early and often makes all the difference… You don’t want to assume that because someone is a Republican or because someone is a Democrat, you know exactly where they stand. They may have a public position on an issue, but it is also that person’s job to represent their constituents. And you can provide them with key information to help them best represent their constituency.

“Senators need to hear from their constituents,” said Senator Kyrsten Sinema. She passed through the United States Capitol in Washington, DC on September 30, 2021.
Mandel Ngan / AFP via Getty Images

Urging voters to “be polite,” Sinema continued, “There will be people who agree with you on an issue, there will also be people who disagree with you on an issue. My opinion is that it is normal and it is good. But it is always best to have a meeting so that people know what your position is and that you share with them why you have this position. And this meeting is important, regardless of the person’s opinion on the matter in general. “

Sinema made the comments at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) annual public affairs conference, a virtual event designed to help restaurateurs effectively lobby lawmakers. The senator spoke to Sean Kennedy, executive vice president of public affairs for the NRA, whose wife’s fundraising company raises funds for her PAC campaign and leadership. Sinema recently helped block legislation on the $ 15 minimum wage in March, a key priority for the restaurant lobby.

“We must hold you to account”

Now, six months later, Sinema is ignoring her own advice, refusing to hear or speak with voters who fear she will become a major obstacle for Democrats as they seek to push through key elements of the government. President Joe Biden’s economy, climate and health. care program in a $ 3.5 trillion reconciliation bill.

Sinema hasn’t said much, if anything, publicly about what she does and doesn’t support in legislation. She does not organize press conferences or town halls, and she does not speak to journalists in the halls of the Capitol.

Instead, her team distributed vague scoops from an anonymous source to Beltway media about her stance on policies that would help millions of people, such as allowing Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices (she opposes this. ) and expand Medicare to cover dental, vision and hearing services (she is “less interested”).

Sinema flew to Arizona on Friday amid negotiations over the reconciliation bill because a spokesperson said she had a doctor’s appointment for a foot injury. But while in Phoenix, she attended a fundraising retreat with donors at the Royal Palms Spa & Resort the next day. When voters attempted to confront Sinema at the compound, she left through a back entrance, from a video published by the activist group LUCHA Arizona (Living United for Change in Arizona).

Protesters on Sunday confronted Sinema outside the class she teaches at Arizona State University, calling on her to support the Democrats’ Build Back Better plan, in another video posted by LUCHA Arizona.

Some of the protesters regular Sinema in a bathroom, and one, named Blanca, filmed herself trying to talk with the senator about a path to citizenship for immigrants and SB 1070, the anti-illegal immigration law of the Arizona “show me your papers”.

“I was brought here to the United States when I was 3,” Blanca said. “In 2010 my two grandparents were kicked out because of SB 1070. I’m here because I truly believe we need a path to citizenship. My grandfather passed away two weeks ago, and I couldn’t go to Mexico and visit him because there is no path to citizenship.

Blanca said that “if we have the opportunity to adopt it now then we have to do it because there are millions of undocumented migrants like me who share the same story or worse”, adding: “We have to hold on to you responsible for what you promised us you were going to pass when we knocked on doors for you. “

Sinema did not respond to the protesters. During her 2018 Senate campaign, Sinema – who was once a progressive who welcomed public activism – said that immigrants who are brought to the United States as minors, known as Dreamers, “deserve a path to citizenship ”.

“I believe our Dreamers are citizens in everything but paperwork,” Sinema said. “These are young people who are brought to our country without any choice and who often have not even learned that they are not citizens until it is time to go to college or enter. the army. “

Democrats have considered including substantial immigration reforms in their reconciliation bill, but they likely won’t, as the Senate parliamentarian – an unelected adviser whom the Democrats could cancel or replace – gave them said it would violate the rules of budget reconciliation. Sinema said in February: “There is no case in which I would overrule a parliamentarian’s decision.”

“Do you think leadership is? “

On Monday, Sinema released an angry statement about the bathroom confrontation. “Yesterday’s behavior was not a legitimate protest,” she tweeted, adding: “My students have been unfairly and unlawfully victimized.”

The statement continued by noting: “It is the duty of elected leaders to avoid fostering an environment in which honest political disagreements serve as the basis for vitriol – by raising the temperature of political rhetoric and creating an empowering structure. for unacceptable behavior. “

While Sinema claimed that she and her team had met “several times” with the activist group that confronted her, according to a statement provided by LUCHA Arizona, “Sinema voters were denied access to her office. , they were ignored, fired, and upset. “

The statement continued, “With all eyes on Arizona and Senator Sinema right now, many Arizonans are wondering if Sinema is doing his job? The millions of Arizonans who include the black, brown and native communities that l ‘elected officials don’t think she is. Sinema has shown no interest in engaging with her constituents or meeting her colleagues halfway through critical legislation. “

Later Monday another Arizona tried to talk with Sinema on his flight from Phoenix to Washington, asking him to “commit to a reconciliation [bill] which could pave the way to citizenship for immigrants. Sinema did not respond.

A DACA recipient named Karina tried to ask Kyrsten Sinema if she would support a path to citizenship for immigrants and Sinema refused to answer.

If Karina were a business and had a giant fundraiser for Sinema, maybe she would get an answer.

– Jordan (@JordanUhl) October 4, 2021

Protesters followed Sinema out of Washington’s Ronald Reagan National Airport.

“Who would you leave behind?” ” a demand. ” Seniors ? Immigrants ? People without dental care? Who would you leave behind, Senator Sinema? We just want to have a conversation. You ignore everyone.

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911 Audio released after Florida student Sheridan Wahl’s body was found Mon, 04 Oct 2021 22:41:03 +0000

Audio from 911 regarding the discovery of the body of a Florida student behind a South Carolina fire station last month has been released.

September 21, Sheridan Wahl’s body was discovered at a fire station in Pomplico, South Carolina. Local authorities have now released the audio of the morbid find.

“I’m going to need sheriff’s service at 630 West Highway 378,” an unidentified caller told emergency dispatchers after finding his body, according to transcripts of the call obtained by WBTW. “We found a body on our property.

“Oh my God,” the dispatcher said “OK. Was he packed or anything or just lying down? “

The appellant said the body was found behind the fire station. “just … lying on the grass “, the caller answered and tThe dispatcher quickly dispatched authorities to investigate.

Wahl had been reported days earlier after missing in Myrtle Beach, according to a police report obtained by Her family said she was traveling to visit her father at the time of her disappearance. Pomplico is located approximately 50 miles west of Myrtle Beach.

The University of South Florida student’s red Toyota Corolla was found in a cornfield by investigators on September 20. It had been set on fire, according to an incident report.. The damaged sedan was missing its license plates and its vehicle identification number was illegible; It is still not clear how the vehicle got there.

Authorities have released little information regarding the investigation into Wahl’s death and have not confirmed whether this was the result of a criminal act. No arrests were made in this case.

On September 24, an autopsy conducted on Wahl’s remains was also found to be inconclusive, pending further post-mortem studies, officials said.

“The death is still under investigation,” said Keith von Lutcken, the Florence County coroner. Monday. “The manner and the cause are pending for the moment and will be pending for several weeks until we have concluded everything”,

Wahl’s family took to social media last month to confirm his death.

“We are heartbroken beyond imagination to share the news of the passing of our beloved Sheridan Lynne Wahl,” her mother, Kelly Wahl, declared on Facebook after recovering his remains. “Sheridan was our dear and loving daughter, sister, niece. She will be missed more than words can ever express.

Wahl’s mother said she last spoke to her daughter via video chat around 1 p.m. on September 19 in Myrtle Beach. At the time, Wahl told her family she was planning her trip back to Florida. Follow-up phone calls on Wahl’s phone went to his voicemail.

Tommy Crosby, an information officer for the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, which is the primary investigative body into the case, declined to comment on the ongoing case on Monday. The Myrtle Beach Police Department, which is assisting in the case, did not immediately respond to questions about the case this week.

Anyone with information relating to the case is encouraged to contact the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division at 803-737-9000.

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Chennai resident’s audio recording of curlew call is first of the species to appear on eBird from India Mon, 04 Oct 2021 02:01:36 +0000

Subramanian Sankar, who considers himself a longtime student of bird calls, recently solved what has been a problem for bird watchers in India. This is to have the curlew sandpiper “authentically” recorded.

Recording the call of a curlew sandpiper that is entirely that of a curlew sandpiper was a challenge, recognized by Salim Ali. Handbook of the Birds of India and Pakistan (Vol. II) by Salim Ali and Sidney Dillon Ripley has a revealing note: species. “

Recently, the eBird platform succeeded in obtaining a validated record of curlew calls from India.

“There must be other records of the Curleeding Sandpiper from its wintering grounds in India, but this is the first record of the species’ call on eBird from India,” observes Subramanian (“Subbu” in Citizen Science Bird Watching Circles).

A resident of Nanganallur, Subbu had joined two other people on a birding expedition in the coastal sections of Nagapattinam.

Almost always hearing a bird before seeing it, it was naturally expected to return from exercise with a rich harvest of bird calls. A clearly recorded vocalization of a curlew, however, was among the least expected, if not unexpected.

He uploaded four recordings, two exceeding the one-minute mark and the other two remaining under 20 seconds. He notices that the shorter of the sound capsules – one that lasts only five seconds – has the call of a pissed off curlew sandpiper taking flight.

“There were about 40 curlews. There were also a good number of small relays. Scattered, curlews actively foraged on small relays and sand plovers. In the distance, there was also a herd of phalaropes, ”he describes the scene in the salt marshes where the sighting occurred.

“It is extremely difficult to record the calls of birds that are in their wintering grounds. They are generally silent and rarely call, and when they do, the call would be primarily a beep, and they can all sound similar. You have to look at the spectrogram to see how different they are.

On how vocalizations can blend together, he observes that “once in a ‘call’ I found twelve species. They had all sung together.

Near Threatened

The curlew sandpiper is an endangered bird, its numbers causing frowns of confusion and concern. Ornithologist V Santharam notes that to get to the bottom of their reduced presence, far-reaching factors may need to be investigated.

From the bird watching and study experience at Adyar Estuary, Pulicat and Point Calimere, among other coastal sections, Santharam observes:

“I remember it as a fairly common bird – it was once seen in the Adyar estuary, where I first saw it. It was once found in most coastal water bodies. A few years ago, birds were common; and a few other years when their numbers would be low. There would have been fluctuations that would have had something to do with their breeding or passage areas, as they travel a long distance.

There could have been triggers in critical stopover wetlands. In the stopover wetlands, they would refuel and continue their migratory journey. When such wetlands are lost, their numbers may be low when they reach their wintering grounds.

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Gisthouse founders release beta of Gisting audio app when Crowdsale opens Sun, 03 Oct 2021 01:23:00 +0000

In a surprising and welcome development for enthusiastic members of the audio chat community, the founders of GistHouse this morning unveiled the MVP and beta version of their revolutionary Afrocentric audio chat app, GISTHOUSE, from their headquarters in the United States, under the name of Gistcoin, the crowdfunding vehicle for the GistHouse project, goes on public sale today.

Dr Ope Banwo, reported by Segun Sega Awosanya, Director of Technical Services at GistHouse, and Vaughn Itemuagbor, Technical Director, shared app screenshots and web links for gisthouse enthusiasts to download the most valuable product iteration (MVP). of the new application

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