Fireworks – Econo Lodge Zanesville Ohio Mon, 11 Oct 2021 18:10:23 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Fireworks – Econo Lodge Zanesville Ohio 32 32 Should fireworks sales in Leeds be limited to licensed events? 10 things you said Mon, 11 Oct 2021 15:35:00 +0000

As the date for the purchase of private-use fireworks draws near on Friday, we asked YEP readers if the sale of fireworks should be limited to permitted events.

Here’s what you had to say …

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We asked YEP readers if the sale of fireworks should be limited to permitted events.

Jennifer dutton: “We need to focus more on selling fireworks illegally and to minors!”

Peter Murphy: “No, just limit the sale to the week around the bonfire and New Years, be more strict in their sale – that is, don’t sell them to those under 18 and stop selling the loudest ones. . Better regulate rather than ban them. “

Brian Craig Hartley: “The true cost and misery of antisocial behavior to the public, animals and property due to the misuse of fireworks must be astronomical given the involvement of emergency services. They should only be made available for licensed public events. all year round and sometimes even during the day. “

Paul Ratcliffe: “Completely forbidden”

Harry Evers: ” YES ! Licensed events only, with a named manager. “

Peter Banks: “No, but not on sale until November 2 and only for over 18s. Cut down on loud explosives and sell more screens.”

Maureen Best: “Yes definitely my dog ​​hates fireworks is so scared”

Dom Hopson: “No. Not at all. Just be responsible with them.”

Kiran Parmar: “Maybe you just need to increase the age limit to buy in stores.”

John Gelley: “Yes, without a doubt.”

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Top 10 Tips From A Dog Trainer To Keep Animals Calm During Fireworks Sun, 10 Oct 2021 09:56:15 +0000

We are approaching the time of year when it seems like fireworks are erupting in our skies every night. Expert DAN SALLISS offers advice on keeping your pet calm in the midst of rockets and noisy firecrackers

Traumatic: Seeing pets frightened by fireworks can also be stressful for owners

With Diwali (the week of November 2) and Bonfire Night (remember, remember, the fifth…) quickly approaching, it is important for us to think about how we can help our dogs stay safe and calm. Anxiety caused by loud noises and detonations from fireworks affects nearly two-thirds of dogs in this country.

Through the Croydon Companion Dog ClubI have worked with many dogs both in the home and in the rescue to ensure they grow into well-behaved and obedient members of the family.

This time of year we see many dogs traumatized by fireworks and also owners traumatized by seeing their dogs in such distress. I have seen dogs die from their reaction to fireworks so it is important for us to educate ourselves as much as possible to make sure we can help our dogs.

Dogs have a natural fight, flight, or freeze response to situations they find difficult or distressing. As owners, we most often see the fight or flight response. Too often I see dogs walking around while fireworks are going off. I can only imagine how they must be feeling.

I want everyone to think about raising our dogs the way we do our kids, with boundaries, praise and helping them feel safe.

If your dog is afraid of fireworks, there is a lot you can do to support him this time of year. Better yet, we can make a plan to desensitize and train your dog to cope better in the future. I’m not saying every dog ​​can be miraculously “cured,” but most dogs can be improved, or at the very least supported, to cope better.

Here are my top 10 tips to help your dogs feel more secure and settle down more easily:

Do not take them for a walk at night

Take them out earlier in the day so they don’t have to walk during the loud bangs and flashes of light that go off randomly around them.

Avoid leaving them in the garden during the fireworks display

This will reduce the risk of leakage through or over a fence or gate. This is one of the most common ways for dogs to get lost during fireworks and Diwali season.

Turn up the TV to muffle the sound of bangs

Pull back your curtains to avoid flashes of light shining through your windows

Provide your dog with a safe space like a crate where he can go and hide

Alternatively, you can create a den somewhere in your house, such as a dining table covered with blankets.

Give them a long lasting chew

Use a baked knuckle bone or beef marrow bone as a special treat that will absorb your dog’s attention, distracting him from what’s going on outside. But make sure they are supervised at all times.

Avoid creating too many stories

Dogs often don’t see things the way we see them. By petting our dogs and giving them a lot of fuss in cases like this, we are telling them that there is nothing wrong with being afraid. Even though we think we are helping them get through this, as owners it is much more beneficial for us to act casually and pretend that there is nothing to fear for our beloved dogs.

Young dogs should have lots of play and fun during this time

With puppies and young dogs, teach them that fireworks are not something to worry about, but that in fact, it means much more rewarding things are happening, like playtime.

Be a caring neighbor

Not everyone has a pet, of course. If you are planning to have a fireworks display in your backyard, please let your neighbors know about your plans so they can plan for their pets. Better yet, go to a curated exhibit and make it a night out.

Natural painkillers and pharmaceutical drugs can also help

It is important that your dog is seen by a veterinarian before giving him any medication.

Here to help: dog trainer Dan Salliss

For more serious cases, you may need to seek help from a behavior consultant – but try not to leave it too late.

Every dog ​​is different and may need a slightly different program which may include desensitization, effective reward, rehabilitation, training verification and other supporting factors like sound therapy discs or on apps. for smartphones, Tellington Ttouch, body wraps, Bach flowers or other homeopathic remedies.

Here at the Croydon Companion Dog Club, we’re here to help and support dog owners. Do not hesitate to contact. Visit our website for more information, or write to

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Fireworks along the gorges | Local News Sat, 09 Oct 2021 04:00:00 +0000

New York asters are unmistakable this time of year. Bursts of brilliant purple with yellow centers accented by nearby clusters of white asters against a goldenrod background, the unmistakable colors of wildflowers in fall.

As spectacular as these floral fireworks are, that’s not what thrills Andy Lance, restoration environmentalist for the WNY Land Conservancy.

The leader of the massive Niagara River Gorge native flora restoration project is more excited about a less descriptive little plant that blooms just below its cousins, the sky blue aster, an endangered species that grows among the wild flowers along the gorge not far from DeVeaux les bois.

The factory is finicky, Lance explained. It requires open habitat, not woods. Annual mowing of some sort helps.

Whether it appeared because of dormant seeds in the soil that sprouted when conditions were favorable, or because it was included in some of the 400 pounds of wildflower seeds spread through the project has not been determined. ‘importance. It’s here and Lance is happy.

This annual mowing takes place from late fall to early winter once the seeds have dried and are ready to repel or feed native birds and rodents.

According to the State Parks Department, there are approximately 16 known rare plant species, 3 rare fish, 2 rare mussels, and 2 rare bird species that use the gorge or islands to breed.

Lance divides his time between the gorge and the Marjory Gallogly Nature Reserve on Grand Island.

Along the gorges, the panoramas are totally modified thanks to the elimination of honeysuckle, buckthorn and Norway maple. Buckthorn is particularly difficult because birds love the berries and spread the seeds.

A new plot sown last year near Findlay and Whirlpool should delight the spring. Among the plants placed are lemon balm, mountain mint, thimble and evening primrose.

Lance might better be nicknamed “Andy Tree Seed” for the way he leaves hardwood behind. The trees planted in the gorge are for the most part what occurs naturally there, the bird cherry. Red oak, white oak and hackberry.

Part of the gorge will probably never be fully restored. The remnants of the Niagara Scenic Railway have faded over time, but concrete footings and junk remain. Just north of the Maid of the Mist docks, heaps of vintage car parts are being scavenged by nature. As far as the state is concerned, these auto parts and other industrial remains of the industrial heritage of the gorge are not worth commenting on as the restoration has been limited to the rim and walls of the gorge.

Lance said the next phase of land conservation will be to do more work along the areas between the gorge rim and Whirlpool Street / Niagara Scenic Parkway.

A State Parks spokesperson said they were in the early stages of planning to remove the rest of the old Robert Moses Parkway. While the project is planned, no one can say when it will be finished, how long it will take or who will pay for it.

The boardwalk is currently a bumpy boardwalk with grass growing across the sidewalk in some sections. Route 104 remains a smoother route to Lewiston. In view of the impending deletion / redesign, The Gazette asked the State Department of Transportation if it was being negligently demolished.

Susan Surdey, PE is Assistant to the Regional Director and Regional Public Information Officer for the State DOT.

His answer was terse.

“The New York State Department of Transportation regularly monitors conditions on the Niagara Scenic Parkway and performs maintenance as needed,” she said in an email, without further comment.

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2021 fireworks canceled – Inverclyde Council Thu, 07 Oct 2021 15:07:00 +0000

The annual INVERCLYDE fireworks display has been canceled.

The event, hosted by the council, was scheduled to take place on Saturday, November 6 at Battery Park in Greenock but was canceled due to a lack of housekeeping staff needed to keep people safe and perform Covid vaccination checks -19 for those present. .

Most stewardship companies are contracted to support the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, which runs from October 31 to November 12, meaning there is a lack of staff available to work on others events.

Marshal Martin Brennan said: “It is extremely disappointing that we have had to reluctantly cancel the fireworks this year, but the number one priority will always be to organize a safe event.

“Despite the best efforts of council staff to organize the event, there are simply not enough stewards available to keep it running safely.

“I know this will be a huge disappointment for many people, especially the local families, and I share this disappointment, but it is really beyond our control.”

This is the second year in a row that the fireworks show has to be canceled.

Last year, Covid-19 restrictions ended the 2020 showcase.

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Town of Bend bans the sale, possession and use of fireworks | Local & State Thu, 07 Oct 2021 04:30:00 +0000

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Bonfire Night: 11 of Derbyshire’s Best Places to Watch Fireworks Wed, 06 Oct 2021 13:32:00 +0000

Families from towns and villages will gather to watch the dark skies transform into a blaze of color and enjoy nighttime treats by the bonfire.

We’ve rounded up the best locations for communal fireworks from across the county.

If you are planning a private party at the house, be sure to follow the fireworks instructions and that pets are kept out of harm’s way.

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It will be music, food and fireworks at AutumnFEST Tue, 05 Oct 2021 11:37:00 +0000

AutumnFEST will be held at the Delaware Valley Regional High School football field on Saturday, October 9 from noon to 8:30 p.m., with a rain date on October 10.

The event will feature fireworks, live music, a softball game between Del Val staff and the Strike Out Hunger NJ All-Stars, gambling, helicopter rides, hot air balloon rides captives and aerial demonstrations of paragliding, parachutists and drones.

Fireworks, live music, drones and a range of touch trucks, shown here at previous AutumnFESTS, will be some of the attractions of this year’s event on Saturday, October 9 at Delaware Valley Regional High School. .Courtesy of Delaware Valley Regional High School

Del Val Superintendent Daria Wasserbach said, “AutumnFEST 21 at DVRHS is actually the amalgamation of two events, Del Val’s Jubilee Jamboree and Alexandria AutumnFEST, which were canceled due to COVID. We have combined the best of both worlds in a “regional” community event where everyone is welcome.

As originally planned, the jamboree would have celebrated the 60th anniversary of Del Val’s first graduation ceremony.

At the center of AutumnFEST, surrounded by the track, will be “Downtown for a Day” – tents for businesses, artists, artisans and community organizations.

Pony rides, mini-farm, hay rides, hay maze, inflatable structures, games of chance and animal shows. The Touch-a-Truck screen will connect vehicle enthusiasts with fire, rescue, military and construction vehicles, as well as monster trucks.

When it comes to music, genres will include rock, country, bluegrass, oldies, pop, children’s music, and alternatives.

“We will have around 15 choices of food vendors including traditional burgers, dogs, chicken fingers and pizza. We will also have Latin, beef brisket, barbecue, Oktoberfest dishes and lots of delicious desserts! ” said event president Jay Arancio.

Customers are asked to bring a tin can to the softball game to help fight hunger locally. Volunteer firefighters will collect a donation of $ 3 for parking.

Arancio said: “AutumnFEST has been a dream of mine for almost two decades. I grew up in New York’s five boroughs and moved here in the mid 80’s. I absolutely love our beautiful countryside, but missed the connection to the community. AutumnFEST brings Alexandria and all of our wonderful surrounding towns and townships together for a big block party. It also helps raise funds for our amazing power take-off so that we can support our children, teachers, staff and families. “

“I am delighted to be able to bring AutumnFEST back this year,” he said. “We all missed you last year. And I am extremely honored to combine our event with the Delaware Valley Regional High School Diamond Jubilee. I really hope you can all join us in celebrating!

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3,700 kilograms of illegal fireworks discovered in Tilburg Mon, 04 Oct 2021 17:00:00 +0000

During an undercover operation last Thursday, police found 3,700 kilograms of fireworks in a building on the Hultenseweg in Tilburg. They also arrested a 42-year-old man from Amersfoort and a 45-year-old man from Wijchen. The discovery was not announced until Monday as the source of the fireworks was still under investigation, a police spokesperson said.

According to the spokesperson, it is the “first big fireworks display of the year. And it will certainly not be the last”.

According to the spokesperson, the discovery of the fireworks was a “coincidence”. Plainclothes investigators followed a truck on Thursday, which was not returned after a rental. The stolen truck was parked next to five containers in a peripheral area between Hulten and Tilburg. While being observed, two men opened one of the containers and lifted boxes into the stolen truck’s loading area.

The boxes had an explosion hazard warning label. Investigators decided to intervene. The boxes contained 3,700 kilograms of fireworks, including dangerous fireworks like seashells and cakes, a firework display that ignites several fireworks effects in succession. There were no fireworks in the other four containers, but police found, among other things, shoes.

Police released the arrested men from custody over the weekend and will file a case against them. The police are still investigating the origin of the fireworks.

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Local high school apologizes for fireworks incident Sun, 03 Oct 2021 17:40:00 +0000

SUDBURY, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) – Fireworks during the Lincoln-Sudbury and Fitchburg high school football game went awry on Friday night, leaving fans angry and scared.

The Lincoln-Sudbury High School home game was supposed to feature a post-game fireworks display against Fitchburg as a fun addition to the festivities. However, the fireworks accidentally set off during the game with about nine minutes remaining.

The fireworks display, launched from a wooded area behind the visitors’ stands, went off into the air directly above the pitch and landed materials on the pitch and in the stands welcoming Fitchburg fans.

This not only scared many fans, but some Fitchburg fans felt they were being intentionally targeted due to the location of the fireworks, according to Lincoln-Sudbury High School Principal Bella Wong. .

Wong said in a statement that Fitchburg fans were not targeted by the fireworks.

“I apologize on behalf of our community to that of the Fitchburg school community who [Friday night’s] events made one of them think it would be a possibility, ”Wong said.

Shari Small from WBZ (@sharismallnews) has history.

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Southend fireworks: weather warning sees display CANCELED Sat, 02 Oct 2021 09:38:54 +0000 Tonight’s event was canceled after strong winds were forecast by the Met Office.

A spokesperson for the Southend Business Improvement District, which funds the exhibits, said: “We are sad to announce that the first of Southend’s iconic fireworks, due to take place on Saturday October 2, has been canceled in due to forecast winds of 40 to 50 mph.


“This would be dangerous weather and, as always, public safety is our top priority; these conditions would be dangerous for the operators, while those present would be in danger.

“Our fireworks are beloved events and although we are disappointed, we look forward to holding our next fireworks in safer weather conditions. Our sincere apologies to those who have been inconvenienced by this, we hope welcome many enthusiastic visitors over the coming weeks. ”

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