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Seven towering columns, made of steel, wood and the like, were installed in downtown Farmington earlier this summer, as a result of the town’s ongoing public art initiative. Each is unique; one zigzags and zigzags, another twists skyward.

They are the work of Ken Thompson, an artist from Michigan whose large-scale sculptures dot the public spaces of Midwestern cities. Thompson says his seven sculptures in Riley Park in Farmington are among the 40 or so columns he has created in total – and that does not include his other works made since he began sculpting in 1978.

(Photo: David Lewinski)The Thompson Chronicles are a variation on a theme, he says. And he’s happy that seven of them, and not just one, ended up in downtown Farmington.

“I like to put them together so you can see the relationship between each one,” says Thompson. “It’s all about relationships. It’s about human relationships – we are all different but similar. We are all different human forms. We are all variations on a theme.

When his columns are set up in groups, he says, “it is as if they are discussing with each other.”

(Photo: David Lewinski)
Thompson came to Farmington through his Midwest Sculpture Initiative (MSI), a public art organization he formed in 2003. MSI connects communities with artists, creating more opportunities for public art. Thompson says they’ve installed 350 to 375 outdoor sculpture exhibits since MSI’s formation. The organization also operates in other capacities: Thompson was calling from Toledo, where the city hires MSI to clean and maintain their dozens of public art installations each year.

This is how Thompson came to Farmington. The city’s Downtown Development Authority (DDA) contacted him to ask MSI to install new sculptures in Riley Park. With MSI booked for the year, Thompson offered to install some of his own sculptures instead. Its seven columns will be there for the next two years.

“I’m really happy to have the opportunity to be there at Farmington. It’s a lovely little town and I was delighted to be asked to do so. And I hope the relationship continues when the two years are up, ”he said. “I think they are planning an art walk in the future and I could be a part of it. And they want me to come and talk about my job. When they call, I’ll be there.

(Photo: David Lewinski)
The Seven Thompson Sculptures are the last public art installations to be erected in downtown Farmington, thanks to the DDA and its Public Art Committee. The Public Art Committee was formed in 2018 to carry out the goals of their public art plan, which the DDA finalized in 2017. John Martin’s “Welcome to Farmington” mural, “Faces of Farmington” sculpture by Doug Delind and the Civic Theater, Vines, and the Sunflour Bakehaus murals are among the committee’s early successes.

(Photo: David Lewinski)Public art can generate a lot of different things, be it civic pride, tourism, or whatever, and Thompson has his own ideas.

“Whether you are a small town or a big city, it makes no difference. We’re always trying to find ways to make the places we live more attractive, whether it’s painting your front door a different color or putting art in your downtown area, ”he said. Thompson said.

“Public art is great because some people are intimidated to enter museums and art galleries. That way all you have to do is walk out your front door.

(Photo: David Lewinski)
Thompson is a public art machine. Some sculptors who make public art, he says, only do one or two pieces a year; Thompson makes 40. To be fair, Thompson follows this statement to thank his staff at Flatlanders Sculpture Supply and Art Galleries, a business he owns and operates in Blissfield, Michigan. He says his staff are helping him make such a production.

His major works include the Reclamation Archway for Blue Cross / Blue Shield in Detroit and the Peace Arch for the city of Toledo, in honor of Vietnam War veterans. He has more than 70 large-scale public sculptures to his name, mostly in public squares and college campuses in the Midwest, but also as far away as Florida. And that doesn’t even include the smallest sculptures, like the ones found in Riley Park.

Similar columns were recently purchased by a condominium development in Ann Arbor and the city of Toledo. In fact, the columns found at Riley Park are currently for sale, ranging from $ 3,500 to $ 18,000. The Town of Farmington does not own the sculptures because they are leased, so to speak.

“I like to put the prices on it because some people are afraid to ask. Some people think it’s expensive and some don’t, ”says Thompson.

“It’s all about perspective.

Mexican man arrested for drug trafficking in Benton County on Sunday Mon, 19 Jul 2021 20:10:36 +0000

MINDEN TOWNSHIP – A man from Mexico has been held in Benton County Jail after a traffic stop revealed drugs early Sunday morning.

An informant called the sheriff’s office at around 1:30 a.m. to report a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction on Highway 23 east of St. Cloud.

An assistant arrived and noticed that the vehicle had temporary Arkansas plates and was traveling well below the speed limit. The officer also saw the vehicle swerve dramatically back and forth over the fog line before coming to a stop.

Sheriff’s office says driver, 32, Luis Alberto Mares Rodriguez from Cadereyta Jimenez, Mexico, told the MP he was in the United States on a visa to do business. Rodriguez told the officer he had traveled to St. Cloud from Minneapolis and was looking for a cheap hotel. He said he drove to Houston, Texas about a week ago and drove to Arkansas, then changed vehicles before heading to Minnesota. Rodriguez then said he was soon leaving St. Cloud for Nashville, Tennessee.

The officer said Rodriguez had no visible baggage, gave inconsistent answers to questions and showed other indications consistent with a drug dealer.

A Sauk Rapids police dog was called to the scene and alerted officers to the presence of drugs in the vehicle.

A search uncovered a packet of cocaine the size of a softball, approximately $ 10,000 in cash, drug paraphernalia, a small amount of methamphetamine, and a record of previous drug sales.

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