Cherry Audio’s Stardust 201 plugin is a $ 19 Roland Space Echo emulation that “will never fail”

Cherry Audio has spent the last year emulating a bunch of vintage synths, but now he turned to a classic hardware effect: Roland’s spatial echo.

Echo of the Stardust 201 connect takes the features of the original Roland RE-201 and the RE-301, its successor, and also brings some of its own tricks to the party.

For example, while the Tape Echo section includes all seven Roland hardware head modes, you also get a tape speed modulation section, along with wow and flutter control and a motor on / off switch for effects. creative tape stop.

Other modern benefits include the DAW’s tempo sync and a “wide” mode that quadruples the maximum delay time.

You also get the BBD chorus effect which was added to later Space Echo models. This now has speed and depth controls, as well as a true stereo mode. If you’re looking for a warm overdrive, you can choose an input gain of up to 1000%, while other features include a spring-loaded reverb section, bass / treble tone controls, and four different visual themes.

Stardust 201 is now available for PC and Mac in VST / AU / AAX formats. A free demo is offered, and a license currently costs $ 19 (normal price will be $ 29).

Learn more about the Cherry Audio website.

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