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Gary’s Note: Sometimes it helps to see things from another perspective, so this week, while running a marathon, I thought about handing my column over to my colleague and cabinet chair, Michelle Kuehner. The following is his story.

As a financial educator, I can’t help but get involved in conversations about money. Most recently, this happened at a super cute Italian market in San Diego.

While most of my business trips focus on financial topics, this time our Marketing Manager, Tina, convinced me to attend a marketing conference to get a taste of new ideas for sharing our services.

We happen to be staying in an Airbnb about a mile and a half from the venue, which has become typical when attending conferences.

Not only do we generally find it more economical, but it also gives us the opportunity to leave the place and walk around for a bit, discovering the local culture, shops and food.

Since many of our conferences are in San Diego, I am quite familiar with the area surrounding the convention center. I have seen most of the shops, dined in many restaurants, and visited many attractions.

However, on my previous excursions I missed a hidden little Italian gem called The Foodery. When we first entered the store I was transported to Italy and the many wonderful memories I have from my visit years ago.

The store was stocked with pasta, sauces, and most importantly, coffee and ice cream.

After stopping for a quick dessert the night before, we stopped on our way to the venue to grab some caffeine. The barista was very nice, asked about our name badges and the conference, and even provided us with some $ 1 coupons to share.

The coffee was amazing! We told her that we will be back for dinner to take back to the apartment later in the day. Oh, and more of that ice cream!

True to our promise, after a long day of sessions, we returned to the sweet paradise of cold and creamy delicacies.

As we examined the ice cream flavors and sampled a few to find the perfect combination, I hovered over our morning barista, now sitting at a table in the grocery store, discussing her next vehicle purchase with the other guy from ice cream behind the counter.

He continued to pick up a nice serving of hazelnut for the customer in front of us, while suggesting the barista to call a credit union to get pre-approved for a loan.

As the barista asked him more questions, I felt compelled to share some insight, especially to answer some of the questions the ice cream guy couldn’t answer.

As we discussed how the loan process works, I could see her confusion begin to dissipate, giving way to understanding.

As Tina made her choice between a combination of dark chocolate and cherry ice cream, we left the deli with a feeling of satisfaction. Tina was very proud of her choice of dessert.

And I was happy to add a little “extra whip” of car loan clarification to my new favorite barista.

Gary Silverman, CFP® is the founder of Personal Money Planning, a retirement planning and investment management company in Wichita Falls. Michelle Kuehner, ChFC® is the president of the company.

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