Compatibility with macOS Big Sur and high-resolution GUIs for AVOX

With newly improved graphical interfaces and full compatibility with the latest operating system offered by Apple, Auto-Tune Unlimited now offers the fastest, most powerful and most user-friendly voice production experience available.

CEO of Antarès Steve berkely says that, “Updating our Auto-Tune Unlimited plugins to be compatible with macOS Big On and the introduction of high resolution graphics for AVOX has been something our users have requested, and we are delighted to respond. Compatibility with macOS Big On gives music creators the ability to take advantage of Apple’s latest technological advancements. And for people who spend a lot of screen time producing music, the visual enhancements to our software will make their experience much more enjoyable. ”

Auto-Tune Unlimited software which has been updated with new high-resolution GUIs and macOS compatibility Big On understand :

  • Auto-Tune Pro – The most advanced and complete edition of Auto-Tune
  • Auto tuning artist – The power of Auto-Tune optimized for use on live performances, both on stage and in the studio
  • Auto-Tune EFX + – Combines essential Auto-Tune functionality with an Auto-EFX multi-effects rack
  • Access to automatic adjustment – Essential Auto-Tune functionality in an ultralight CPU footprint
  • Auto-tuning hybrid – Optimized for compatibility with Avid DSP hardware, including Carbon interfaces, HDX and VENUE systems | S6L live sound systems.
  • Auto key – Speed ​​up your Auto-Tune workflow with automatic key and scale detection
  • Aspire – Suction noise processor
  • Articulator – Digital talkbox
  • Choral – Voice multiplier
  • Duo – Voice dubber
  • Harmony engine – Automatic harmony generator
  • Micro mod – Microphone modeler
  • Mutator – Extreme voice designer
  • Punch – Voice impact amplifier
  • Sybille– Variable frequency de-esser
  • Throat – Physical modeling voice designer
  • Warm – Vintage tube saturator

Auto-Tune Unlimited is available exclusively through an affordable subscription and sells for $ 24.99/ mo USD with a minimum commitment of 2 months or as a prepaid annual subscription for $ 224.90/ year USD.

Auto-Tune Unlimited subscribers can download the newly updated plugin suite here.

For new customers who want to experience what Auto-Tune Unlimited has to offer, a 14-day free trial is available. Learn more here.

About Antarès Audio Technologies

Antares Audio Technologies (Auto-Tune) is the music industry’s leading developer and standard for pitch correction and vocal processing. For more than 20 years, Auto-Tune® has transformed studios, stages and devices for artists, engineers and producers of all genres. In addition to Auto-Tune, Antares offers a powerful vocal production suite that includes tone and scale detection, microphone / vocal modeling, harmonizers and other vocal effects available through perpetual license or subscription. Auto-Tune plug-ins are compatible with all major DAWs and audio interfaces. Learn more at

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