Culture Coffee brings art and community together | Characteristics

Last week, Culture Coffee embraced the art of culture by hosting an art market on March 25. Less than a mile from the UTC campus, Culture Coffee is a quaint and cozy family-run cafe serving greater Chattanooga with a mission to bring culture to every cup. The warm environment surrounded by the sweet smell of rich coffee creates a soothing environment for studying or for any event.

The vendors market hosted many tables selling jewelry, handpicked clothing, tote bags, original paintings, and more. The tables were overflowing with aesthetically pleasing and cultured works of art that bustled with business throughout the day.

Overall, Culture Coffee’s goal was to bring local artists to the city; many of them being our own UTC students.

Maggie of “Yo Mama’s Jewelry” provided an alluring array of handmade jewelry. With a range of warm colors and beautiful tones, her table attracted a lot of attention.

Maggie said her business started during her quarantine when she discovered a love for making jewelry for her friends. However, this small hobby quickly grew into a thriving business as she continued to work on her handcrafted pieces. Her inspiration comes from her Christian faith as she connects her jewelry to deeper meanings within her religion.

“Most of my jewelry is inspired in some way by a deeper meaning that we were all individually created with care,” Maggie said.

“Out of Stock Co” by UTC sophomore Anna Huss was also featured with a stunning table of clothing items and original artwork. Her small business started with a love for painting and quickly grew into custom clothing and “art anything,” according to Huss. She is an art major, which sparked her inspiration to create Out of Stock Co.

Huss was an advocate for promoting the arts across campus, so much so that she established an art market on Chamberlain’s grounds.

“I created the UTC Art Market because I wanted people to meet and greet each other,” Huss said.

At the same time as the art market, she participated in many dealers, including the “Garage Around Back” event. His style is unique and brings a new and intriguing angle to custom clothing, and an absolutely stunning approach to the world of original paintings and art.

Assortment tables and vendors perfectly enticed the Chattanooga community with their vivid art assortments. Each artist not only offered impressive art, but above all an inspiring and impeccable story.

So let this event inspire you that no matter if you are a student, a teacher or an ordinary citizen, you can make a change and inspire others by sharing what you love to do. It’s never too early or too late.

Christopher S. Washington