Estheday Medical Beauty turns experience and expertise into art following science for the best hair treatment results.

One of the best-known beauty clinics in Turkey, Estheday Medical Beauty offers state-of-the-art solutions for obesity, plastic surgery and hair transplantation.

California – August 1, 2022 – If one is looking for a permanent solution to hair loss, one can consider a hair transplant. Thanks to significant development, the results of today’s various hair transplant procedures can look natural. The majority of surgeons now transplant a handful of healthy hair at a time. Patients no longer experience the artificial, doll-like hair that was prevalent in the 70s and 80s. Long ago, thinning areas were covered with chunks of hair called hair plugs. The hair clogs were ultimately very obvious.

Estheday Medical Beauty is one of Turkey’s best-known beauty clinics and a destination for cutting-edge hair treatments. At the heart of Nişantaş Aesthetics, the Department of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery transforms experience and expertise into art after science. They continue to monitor every patient treated by their qualified specialist surgeons as they work in a patient-centered manner and strive for complete patient satisfaction. They implement the latest techniques in hairline enhancement and hair placement in thinning areas that help produce results that look more natural.

“We take great care of every little aspect of our patients because we understand how important and significant our specialty is, especially when it comes to hair treatments,” the Estheday Medical Beauty spokesperson explained, “We We constantly focus on quality, technology and developments to ensure that we deliver satisfactory results.Due to these developments, the results sometimes look so natural that a hairstylist wouldn’t know you did any work.

The fact that some of the best surgeons in Turkey work at Estheday Medical Beauty is perhaps its most notable privilege. By applying the most modern technologies in treatments and operations, the clinic has achieved good results in hair transplants, plastic surgery and obesity.

Estheday Medical Beauty performs cosmetic nose surgery, liposuction, breast lift, breast augmentation and breast reduction for the plastic surgery division. When it comes to hair transplants, they use a variety of techniques to get the most out of these therapies for their patients, including hair mesotherapy, PRP hair treatment, direct hair implantation (DHI), and hair extraction. follicular units (FUE). The team of top doctors carefully examines each patient and then decides together which treatment would be best suited.

Every patient is different and should be informed before deciding to undergo treatment, says Estheday Medical Beauty. To ensure that they make the right choice, Estheday Medical Beauty gives each patient appropriate advice on the planned or planned procedure. Typically, a group of knowledgeable professionals would guide the patient through every step before and after their surgery, allowing them to ask any questions they may have.

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In the Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Department of Nişantaşı Hospital, the experienced staff transform their experience and skills into art in accordance with science at the center of Nişantaşı Aesthetics. Working in a patient-centric manner and aiming for complete patient satisfaction, the hospital continues to follow up on every patient operated by its experienced specialist surgeons.

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