Exclusive: Pixelatl and Mighty Animation Collaborate on 2022 Festival Art and Trailer

Mexico’s beloved Pixelatl festival, which this year takes place from September 6 to 10, has announced its collaboration with the Guadalajara-based studio Powerful Animation to create the art and trailer for the popular event.

“At Pixelatl, we try to create spaces where Latin American artists can find their calling and discover the importance of collaboration and mutual support,” explains festival director José Iñesta. “That’s why we’re so excited to have Mighty Animation Studio as our creative partner for Pixelatl 2022. Even though this studio has grown internationally, it continues to be a beacon of generosity for the industry. local.”

We had the chance to speak with the director of Mighty Animation Luispa Salmon about the studio and their remarkable decade in animation, and got an exclusive look at Mighty’s special creations for this year’s festival.

Luispa Salmon

Animation magazine: First of all, congratulations on your 10th anniversary in the company. Can you tell us a bit about your work for Pixelatl?

Luispa Salmon: The short film for this Festival for 2022 originally comes from Pixelatl’s manifesto: “Encuentro”. For this piece, Mighty was inspired by this concept of “encounter/encounter” and even if the term is not quite the same in English as in Spanish, I think the feeling prevails. We wanted viewers to feel a sense of nostalgia and joy, a warm feeling of coming home after a long and complicated journey.

Powerful Meet was designed and created by renowned Mexican artist Julio Pacheco. Its characters and their appearance resemble a children’s book aesthetic, where texture, color and simple shapes help create this special world.

How long did it take to make it and how many people worked on it? What animation tools do you use?

Twelve people helped create this short film. We used Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop.

What do you like most about this very special animation event?

While it sounds like a very personal concept by Julio, it’s also one that’s easy to relate to, given the pandemic. I think we all come from a very important and complex event in our history, an event that to some degree impacted all of us. From this idea, Mighty uses this feeling and orients it towards the values ​​of Pixelatl (connection, collaboration, meeting). Meet tells a story of resilience while providing a sense of hope and shelter in such a complex time.

Regarding the Festival, I think it’s a bit the same — Pixelatl has been a bridge and a key element in the development of our industry. This year’s theme, in my opinion, is not only right but also necessary for our community, and I love the fact that we will see each other again after these years.

Pixelatl - Encuantro

Pixelatl – Encuentro Concept Art (Mighty Animation)

How’s it going at Mighty? What fun projects are you working on?

Mighty proudly works with some of the industry’s leading players. such as Disney, WarnerMedia, Bento Box, Titmouse and Flying Bark, among others.

It seems like we’re seeing a lot of interesting projects coming out of Mexico these days… what do you think of the health of the industry in beautiful Mexico?

It’s a growing industry for sure – 2022 is Mighty’s 10th anniversary and over these years we’ve seen our industry evolve and grow. I think in Mexico, geographically speaking, we’re privileged and we’ve been able to partner with successful American studios while capitalizing on some of the incredible talent in the region.

What kind of challenges do you face in 2022?

Like many studios, Mighty has experienced accelerated growth since the pandemic began. From 150 employees to more than 400, I think the challenge has been to constantly adjust our processes to new industry challenges while keeping a clear vision of our company’s commitment to quality and efficiency.

Pixelatl - Encuentro Concept Art (Mighty Animation)

Pixelatl – Encuentro Concept Art (Mighty Animation)

What do you like about your job?

The two Claudios [Jiménez] and I (co-founders of the studio) love the challenge of leading a studio in a growing and growing industry. We have the incredible opportunity and the daunting task of helping to shape the identity of our industry. We are aware that from our positions we can make a difference and it is a huge responsibility and an absolute privilege to do so.

We love art, we love animation, and we love our heritage, and these factors are believed to be the source of our superpower: the unwavering commitment to doing things right and helping build one of most colorful and exciting industries in the world.

To learn more about the studio, visit powerfulanimation.com.

You can find out more about the 11th edition of Pixelatl, taking place September 6-10 in Guadalajara, Mexico at pixelatl.com.

Pixelatl - Encuentro Character Designs (Mighty Animation)

Pixelatl – Encuentro Character Designs (Mighty Animation)

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