Exhibitions from August to September @ Art Works!

Discover these new exhibitions and 85 artists’ workshops from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. admission is free and open to the public


James River 2022 All Media and Renderings Exhibition

The James River is Richmond’s defining natural resource. Throughout the year, the Friends of the James River Park and the James River Advisory Council (JRAC) work to conserve, preserve and promote the river with cleanups, holiday boat parades and raising awareness of stewardship. Art Works is just two blocks from the James. We asked artists to capture images of the river for this exhibition.

This month, artists can submit works of any subject and medium. In addition to the usual prizes, we will have a special prize and a prize for the best James River rendering. This exhibition is open to all artists and all mediums. The call for applications is from July 22, 2022 to August 16, 2022.

The juror is John Lee of William and Mary. The exhibition will be held at the Jane Sandelin Gallery.


Recent work by Keenan Cross

An accomplished artist, illustrator and videographer, Keenan Cross has pushed the boundaries of the style of his work to include different substrates, digital art and even a bit of animation. This exhibition emphasizes this evolution of style.

The exhibition is in the central gallery.

Life in Grunge by Cathy Cazares

Cathy Cazares is artist in residence at Art Works. She combines photography, sketches, drawings, paintings and found objects to create her mixed media artworks. She is fascinated by people and the urban environment. What may look like grunge to many, she finds beauty in it. The exhibition will be in the Corner Gallery.


Unconscious Travels of Elizabeth Caffery

Elizabeth Caffery’s work reveals an assemblage of storybook images and often depicts the intertwining of opposing emotions – wounds versus triumphs, human tragedies versus success. Sometimes a happy and optimistic piece will emerge. The process is not deliberate but evolves on its own, changing direction if necessary. When two parallel planes of thought like light and dark achieve a balance, an understanding, Elizabeth expresses that realization in the artwork. Elizabeth’s personal growth is reflected in her art. Gratitude for life, both the good and the bad that life offers are his incentives that drive his art forward.

Elizabeth graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art in 1986 from Randolph Macon College.

Christopher S. Washington