Fallout Fan Craft Brotherhood of Steel Wood Wall Art

A Fallout 3 fan creates a wooden Brotherhood of Steel wall decor that’s sculpted to bring out parts of the three-dimensional power armor.

Bethesda Softworks maintained a dedicated service To fall following since the first game was released in 1997, and each title has its own community, including Fallout 3. A Fallout 3 fan decided to celebrate the Brotherhood of Steel RPGs with unique wooden wall art.

Reddit user Markhizio recently shared a gallery of images showing their Brotherhood of Steel wooden wall art from multiple angles to highlight the intricate details. The Brotherhood of Steel is one of the factions featured in Fallout 3 like The Enclave, Brotherhood Outcasts, and Ghouls, but unlike the others, Markhizio’s chosen faction graced the game’s cover. Fallout 3 players can join the Brotherhood of Steel on their own by following the main story to the point where the faction is introduced and then following their quest storyline.


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At Markhizio Fallout 3 The Brotherhood of Steel wooden wall art features the game’s iconic power armor cover image shown from the upper chest and above. Just like the Fallout 3 cover, much of the Brotherhood of Steel wall art is colored black, while it replaces the toxic shade of green used in the official art with lighter grays and white. The shading of the wall art is similar to the techniques used for the cover art, while other parts of it stand out more due to wood portions sticking out to create a 3D effect.

According to Markhizio, the Brotherhood of Steel design was hand-cut from the wood material using a scroll saw after presumably tracing an outline. The painting of the Fallout 3 The decorated wood slab was aided by Adobe Illustrator to adequately reflect the Brotherhood of Steel before using acrylic paint on the wall art. Because the paint colors they acquired didn’t reflect properly Fallout 3 faction, Markhizio also noted that they “mix all the colors together” to create the aesthetic used in the wooden piece.

A comment on Markhizio wall art suggested the artist create a YouTube channel to show how they make pieces like the Fallout 3 power armor due to the impressive large wooden plate. Many Fallout 3 fans responded to Markhizio enthusiastically, while a handful claimed they would be happy to buy one if he was willing to recreate the process. Since Markhizio reached out to these Reddit users, the Fallout 3 fan may receive commissions to reproduce wall art.

Fallout 3 is available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Source: Reddit

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