Finland to preserve artworks from Ukraine’s largest museum amid Russian invasion

As the war between Moscow and Kyiv drags on for the 33rd day, Finnish museums seek to help Ukraine protect its national treasure from potential damage from the Russian offensive. A rescue operation has been launched by the National Board of Antiquities, the National Museum of Finland and the National Gallery to protect the national heritage of Ukraine, yle reported. The decision came as European museums, including Finland, received requests for help from Ukraine.

Finland started the efforts to protect the National Museum in Lviv and the museum authorities sent packing materials like boxes, cartons to protect the artworks from damage. Elina Anttila, Director General of the National Museum of Finland, attended the meeting remotely with the National Museum in Lviv, in accordance with the yle report. During the meeting, they discussed the efforts Finnish museums can make to help Ukrainian authorities protect heritage places.

Finnish museums try to help Ukraine protect its national heritage

Elina Anttila pointed out that in addition to packaging materials, the National Museum in Lviv needs data loggers, which can be used to monitor temperature and humidity to ensure that the works of art benefit from the better storage conditions for objects. Anttila said Finnish museums are making efforts to help Ukraine as soon as possible. According to Elina Anttila, national heritage places are “common” to all and they cannot “restore” it amid destruction, according to the report. It should be mentioned here that the historic center of Lviv is one of the seven Ukrainian sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Elina Anttila said that the National Museum in Lviv has art collections and cultural and historical objects, icons and ancient manuscripts.

Russia–Ukraine War

Amid the Russian military offensive in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry informed that the Kyiv Armed Forces continue to carry out defense operations in the East, South-East and North-East directions. According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, the defense operations of the Ukrainian Armed Forces continue in Topolske, Kamyanka, Dry Kamyanka and in the Volyn and Siversky directions. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense claimed that its armed forces on Sunday March 27 destroyed 4 Russian planes, 1 helicopter, 2 drones and 2 winged missiles. According to the ministry, around 16,600 Russian soldiers have lost their lives since the start of the Russian military offensive on February 24.

Image: AP

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