Fireworks, flawed vaccine approach, rate hikes – press telegram

Fireworks prevention

Mr. Editor,

Last June, city council approved an allocation of $ 350,000 to remedy the state of the war zone fireworks here in Long Beach during the July 4th vacation.

Although I do not live in the Third District, I benefit from the incredible work this committee has done over the past three years. I looked forward to seeing the integrated strategies developed by the Third District Fireworks Advisory Committee implemented with the resources provided by the funding.

Reading Rick Meyers’ letter to the editor in the July 8 edition, I was both shocked and disappointed that our city council disbanded this committee. Community participation should be sought and not discouraged by the leaders of our community.

Safety Squad’s message has been and is brilliant in reshaping fireworks culture. I now know why there was no community outreach this year.

This committee deserves better than to be fired.

Brian Coleman

Bluff Park

Good work in committee

Mr. Editor,

I was saddened to learn from reading Mr. Meyers’ letter in Grunion that the Third District Fireworks Committee has been dissolved.

My kids drew my attention to the committee’s incredible outreach work with the creation of the “Safety Squad” Public Service Announcements. Once I had been. Listening to their efforts, I saw their messages everywhere I went. People were talking about it.

I think this is just another example of our city council being out of step with the community it represents. Shouldn’t our city leaders want to support and empower a volunteer community committee that could identify a problem, create integrated solutions, and implement them in a positive way?

During my travels around Long Beach this month, I saw a total of eight lawn signs representing the city’s fireworks community awareness. Pitiful to say the least.

I’m concerned that the Third District Fireworks Committee is just the latest victim of the city of Long Beach’s “uninvented syndrome”, which is alive and well.

Someone should thank these good people for the work they have done.

Nancy klein

Belmont Park

Poor management of the vaccination campaign

Mr. Editor,

Are the CDC, other medical professionals and politicians intentionally trying to scuttle Covid-19 vaccines? First, there were blood clots attributed to the vaccine – 6 out of 6.8 million against 900,000 out of a total population of 331.4 million. Next, Guillain-Barre syndrome (GB) attributed to the vaccine – 100 out of 12.9 million compared to 6,000 in total in the total population. Granted, the occurrence of vaccine-related GB is greater than the total number of cases, but the published results without any comparison to anything real-world scare people into getting vaccinated.

Journalists (print or electronic) do not add anything substantial to the statistics provided to them, thus exacerbating the lack of accurate information for a person to make a decision. We all need to understand that the journalist’s primary goal is to sell newspapers or advertisements, not to provide accurate or useful information.

I ask all people to use their heads to read newspapers or listen to or watch news broadcasts.

Robert Joines

Long beach

Don’t blame the restaurants

Mr. Editor,

As our city’s health department moves forward with its mask tenure, along with the rest of LA County, I urge anyone who feels unhappy or angry with this decision not to take it out on it. our community of Long Beach restaurants.

After seeing first-hand what 2020 has done to restaurateurs and their chefs, bartenders, sommeliers, house staff and housekeepers, the road to recovery will be bumpy for many months – if not years. There has been growling and gossip on social media and elsewhere about “taking my business to Orange County” following the Department of Health’s decision.

While the frustration is understandable, punishing our neighborhood restaurateurs is not the solution. So don’t hesitate to support our restaurateurs by dining in their establishments or ordering take-out meals to enjoy at home. Tip your waiters and bartenders.

And let’s raise a glass to these small business owners for surviving a pandemic another day.

Elizabeth borsting

Founder, organizer, Dine Out Long Beach, Restaurant & Cocktail Week

Desperate officials

Mr. Editor,

City and county officials are in despair with their final mask term. Claims that the unvaccinated are those who contract the delta variant, and the reason for the outbreak, are causing propaganda, and also that the variant is more deadly.

By nature, variants are weaker than their sources. Speaking of “deadly,” there is a 99.98% survival rate for those infected with COVID, but officials are too ignorant or too power-hungry to take notice.

Children and almost all, if not all, people wearing masks experience pulmonary CO2 poisoning. School athletes have collapsed because of it, but public health officials ignore it. Their attitude seems to be, “Shut up and obey. Put on your masks, stay at least 6 feet apart. It doesn’t matter that Anthony Fauci said that the cheap masks people wear are essentially worthless.

Any doctor worth their weight in salt will tell you that the daily transfer of pathogens between people is what strengthens the immune system, but public health officials want the opposite; wear the ridiculous masks and social distancing, which actually weaken the immune system. Unfortunately, a significant portion of the population is now brainwashed into believing that masks are beneficial. On the contrary; they are harmful.

I’m glad LBPD and LACS said they won’t apply the last mandate. It’s encouraging and gives hope that the control freaks who issue these draconian guidelines will ultimately fail with their unconstitutional takeovers. Ridiculously, they keep doubling down on their stupidity with their “Joints For Jabs”, “Conjugal Visits For Shots”, etc.

Cleveland Clinic, the world’s No.2 hospital, said if you already have COVID you’re safe, even variants, but this evil gnome from hell, Anthony Fauci, wants every last human from the planet is trapped with a needle. Si fattens its bottom line and that of the big pharmaceutical companies. Stop being salespeople for Anthony Fauci and Big Pharma.

Phil Shaheen Sr.

Long beach

Editor’s note: There is no indication that Dr. Fauci benefits financially from the vaccinations.

Increase in water prices

Mr. Editor,

The Long Beach Water Department wants to increase your water rates by 8.01% and your sewer rates by 10.17%. Homeowners have until Aug. 26 to vote against another rate hike. Otherwise, the increases will take effect on October 1.

To vote against this increase you must email [email protected] and include your name, address and protest the water / sewer increase to make it count.

Like the state and others are using majority protest rather than people actually voting for the raise. Defeat that. Take action today, send the email. We need a majority protest to stop the increase. Encourage everyone to use all social media, facebook, twitter, Nextdoor to let Long Beach know about this increase.

Dan Jackson

Long beach

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