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A press release from Pierce County Council.

Starting in 2023, fireworks in unincorporated areas of Pierce County will be limited to July 4 and December 31 only. That’s according to new legislation passed this week by Pierce County Council.

Additionally, starting in 2023, the Pierce County Fire Marshal will have the power, in consultation with the Pierce County Executive, to temporarily ban fireworks if conditions are unsafe for their use. .

Fireworks are currently permitted in unincorporated Pierce County from July 1-5.

Science will determine whether a ban is necessary to protect public safety due to unsafe conditions, primarily when there is a high fire danger. It was a key part of ordinance 2021-79, a bipartisan bill authored by Dave Morell, District 1 Council Member, and Jani Hitchen, District 6 Council Member.

“Using the ‘fuel moisture content’ from six locations in Pierce County provides a comprehensive measure of fire danger and is a smart way to identify potential disasters that could result from the use of fires. fireworks, ”Hitchen said. “This science-based action takes the policy out of the decision and leaves the recommendation to the fire marshal who is the expert, along with consultation with the executive.”

Realizing that fireworks consumers buy goods as soon as the fireworks are opened, council member Morell asked the fire marshal to clarify how long before July 4 a ban could be issued. The Fire Marshal is expected to return to the board by April 2022 with a preview.

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“This is a sensible and balanced order that narrows down the formula for determining whether a ban is necessary and gives good science as to why it’s done,” Morell said. “Yes, that takes away days when fireworks could be used, but by adding a day in December, we increase the possibilities for nonprofits to sell fireworks. “

Morell noted that a temporary fireworks ban is unlikely to be issued in December due to conditions, allowing families in Pierce County to use the fireworks safely in areas not incorporated.

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