Gaby Browett’s exhibition of mixed-media paintings and 3D works comes to Bray

Former seamstress Gaby Browett is set to unveil an exhibition of new mixed media paintings and 3D works at the Signal Arts Center in Bray in September.

MoMA -MAMAC – ME’ runs from Monday September 12 to Sunday September 25 at the popular venue, with all welcome to meet the painter at an evening reception on Friday September 16 from 7pm.

Gaby was a designer and seamstress, having grown up around Killiney Hill and Dalkey Quarry, from which she still draws inspiration. She has been a visual artist for 20 years and says she feels more “comfortable” in modern museums.

She said: “I feel more comfortable in museums of modern and contemporary art. I imagine most of the artists on the walls thought they were crazy at one time or another, but their company made me feel less crazy or maybe we were all happily crazy together.

These spaces gave me permission to follow my own thought process. I find that my work is inspired by my experience in design, which leads it to have an illustrative and playful quality.”

Although this is one of her many local exhibitions, Gaby has also held exhibitions internationally. Her recent work includes pieces featured at Sculpture in Context 2021 and the 192nd Annual RHA Show.

Christopher S. Washington