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the Final Fantasy franchise cover art has evolved significantly over the past 35 years. The debut of the series features super-simplistic covers for games like Final Fantasy 2and evolved into the stunning hand-drawn artwork that characterizes games like Final Fantasy 6, and has become the most recent covers that rely on 3D rendered graphics like Final Fantasy 15. the Final Fantasy the franchise has tried just about everything when it comes to coverage.

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Given that virtually every Final Fantasy game in the main series has at least one alternate cover (for different release regions) and the franchise itself has a plethora of different spin-off titles, there are nearly 100 different covers among which choose to choose the best. Final Fantasy blankets. These games, however, have some of the best designs.


5 Final Fantasy 7

It’s easy to applaud the cover of Final Fantasy 7 after playing the game, but even when the game first came out, before Cloud Strife was a household name, this cover was still special. The visual of Cloud looking down at the Shinra building is a stunning image, but the design choices here are intriguing on their own. To offset the crisp white background with Mako-inspired turquoise accents, the cover is hard to ignore.

It’s probably cheating a bit to include artwork inside the case, but the depiction of Sephiroth walking through a wall of flames located on the right inlay completes the package. It’s a perfect contrast visually – Sephiroth’s image is mostly black and red, while the cover is mostly white and blue-green. Not only is it beautiful, but it also left fans immediately intrigued by the identity of this mysterious Sephiroth character.

4 Final Fantasy 6

Although it was released on the SNES as Final Fantasy 3the Super Famicom version, released as Final Fantasy 6, got much better coverage. The Super Famicom release showcased the steampunk and dystopian aesthetic that informs the game and immediately let fans know that this was going to be an entirely different experience than previous ones. Final Fantasy securities.

The blanket itself consists of Final Fantasy 6of Terra Branford piloting the Magitek Armor as it overlooks the city of Vector. The design bears all the characteristics that have made Final Fantasy fan-favorite artist, Yoshitaka Amano: a whimsical yet intense style inspired by Japanese woodblock prints.

3 Final Fantasy 11 Ultimate Edition

There may be more covers for Final Fantasy 11 that there are no atoms in the universe. The initial release, every expansion, and the multiple collected editions each have at least one cover, and there are also covers for different regions and their respective expansion variants. Final Fantasy 11 has more covers than any other Final Fantasy Title.

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The best is Japan coverage for Final Fantasy 11 Vana’diel Collection 2 which bundled the initial game and all four expansions available at the time, but a close second goes to the most recent collection cover, known as Final Fantasy 11 Seekers Editionwhich adds in the fifth extension, Adoulin Researchers. While Final Fantasy 11time has come and gone, there are a handful of features that could be added to Final Fantasy 14 from the original MMORPG.

2 Final Fantasy 10

This title has an ostensibly terrible cover, showing just a photo of Tidus standing, fully clothed, in the water. However, the cover of Final Fantasy 10 is surprisingly effective. Not only does it have an absolutely gorgeous color palette, but it showed off the massive increase in graphics between Final Fantasy 9 and Final Fantasy 10.

For what it’s worth, however, if Square Enix had chosen to use the first page of the game’s manual as the cover rather than the actual cover, Final Fantasy 10 wouldn’t be such a polarizing choice for this list. The manual’s cover does the same job of highlighting the game’s graphical improvements over its predecessors, but it sports a more powerful and emotional image of Tidus and Yuna, one of the game’s most beloved couples. Final Fantasy.

1 Final Fantasy 14: A Kingdom Reborn

Very few games have had a comeback like Final Fantasy 14. After restarting in 2013 after a failed launch, Final Fantasy 14 has slowly risen to become one of the most popular MMORPGs on the market today. As it continues to bolster its story with expansions like Endwalker, the game shows no signs of slowing down. On its initial reboot, Final Fantasy 14 came out with a pair of iconic covers that are up there with anyone in the Final Fantasy franchise.

Collector’s Edition took Final Fantasy 14 back to the roots of the franchise by pasting a cover of Yoshitaka Amano on the box that is up there with his first work. It was breathtaking, instantly recognizable, and everything fans could have wished for. The cover of the game itself was equally epic, displaying a massive party engaged in battle with Diamond Weapon. It marked a renewed interest in Final Fantasy 14 and helped assure fans that the new iteration would be a game true to the Final Fantasy franchise.

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