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Hopefully, a lot of things associated with COVID-19 will soon be a distant memory. But some things that were seen as a necessity during the pandemic are retaining their popularity.

Outdoor home entertainment is at the top of the list, said Austin Morton, project manager for Video Revolution in Tulsa.

“The most important thing that we’ve seen across the board is that people spent a lot more time at home last year, and even this year they want more opportunities to be entertained at home. outside, ”he said.

Gathering outdoors can bypass the need for masks and alleviate many health concerns, Morton said.

“So the outdoors was a major focus for planning this year,” he added. “Last year was kind of motivating, and this year it’s ‘achievement’.”

Morton said a lot of the people who do it weren’t entirely new to the game, however.

As people tried to safely congregate outside last year, it was common to come home with the best equipment, he said.

“So now there is a great awareness of the difference in quality,” he said, and many customers are upgrading their already existing systems.

“One of the biggest myths is that it’s okay to just put a regular TV outside,” Morton said. “There is peace of mind in installing a suitable outdoor television. “

Outdoor TVs are actually sealed so that bugs and water cannot get inside.

“We actually have TVs that you can put outside without a cover, right in the middle of the yard, and they’ll work like that for 10 years,” he said.

“There’s just a tremendous amount of peace of mind that comes from taking advantage of the system and not maintaining it. “

Even so, Morton said, most of Video Revolution’s client lounges are larger than their patios. Likewise, their outdoor TVs are generally smaller than indoor ones.

“Most of our outdoor TVs are still not the primary focus,” he said. “You are out to be out.”

A big myth is that outdoor home entertainment is only for the rich, Morton said.

“There are options for all budgets. There is absolutely a way to make it work, ”he said. “Usually a sound system will be a drop in the bucket compared to a pool, pergola or whatever else you might have there. “

The trick – not only to getting your money’s worth, but also to making your surroundings aesthetically pleasing and making sure that the technology is doing what it needs to do – is to consult a professional as early as possible in the process, Morton said.

“We will be going to the job site, at no cost, to look at their expectations, look at the environment,” and make recommendations based on all of those factors, he said.

“Another thing we always tackle outdoors is Wi-Fi. You want good control all around to avoid dead zones, music cuts and so on,” he said. “The infrastructure of an outdoor system goes far beyond simple televisions and speakers.

“This is where expert intervention really comes in,” Morton said. “We had these experiences and these growing pains. We know how to avoid them.

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