Harley Quinn Finally Matches Jared Leto’s Joker in a Tattooed Blanket

In what appears to be a send-off of Jared Leto’s Joker, a tattoo-covered Harley shows why she’s become such a beloved DC character.

A New Riley Rossmo Cover For The Current Ongoing harley quinn the series shows the ever-popular villainess taking inspiration from Jared Letois tattooed Joker. Harley Quinn has only become more popular as a character since breaking free from the Joker. Her ability to spread her wings and truly fly like her own character created compelling storytelling. She also developed her own style of crime and occasional anti-hero work. Still, from time to time, she’s been shown to go back to her roots, and a new cover for her current series shows her covered in tattoos, matching one of Joker’s lesser-loved iterations.


Leto’s design angered comic book fans when the first image of him was released to promote the 2016 suicide squad movie. Most of the criticism was about how hard the filmmakers tried to make him look edgy, and it’s easy to see why. He is covered in tattoos that mimic the character’s theme. Of a placed hystericDamaged“Multipurpose Forehead Square Tattoo”HAon her chest, the character design looks more like a parody of the character than a different take on the Clown Prince of Crime. Now Harley Quinn herself has some tattoos to show off…but what’s interesting it’s that their design suits him better.

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On the cover of the next Harley Quinn #14which was revealed by League of Comic Book Geeks, Harley is depicted in prison as suggested by the shadows of the iron bars on the windows. Harley herself is lying on a bed, showing off a series of tattoos. Some designs of note include ivy wrapped around her arm, the word “SMILE“written on her stomach and a cheekily placed”DOCTORATEon the right side of his forehead. Everything about this cover screams Leto’s Joker, but at the same time, it looks like he’s kinda poking fun at him too. The inclusion of the “DOCTORATE“the tattoo is an obvious reference to the”Damaged“, and the various symbols on his body give him a certain individuality rather than the obvious nervousness suicide squad went with his Joker.

Each tattoo has a reason for being there, incorporating different moments from the character’s story into a collage of colors. It shoots out like a mural and mimics the style that Harley has become known for today. The ivy is a clear reference to her longtime relationship with Poison Ivy, the rollerblades are a callback to Amanda Conner’s iconic design that introduced this aspect of her character, and a pin-up version of what appears to be Wonder Woman could allude to his bisexuality. Which is why Harley’s take on the tattooed Joker works so much better here than Leto’s. While Leto’s version went for a more “edgy” gangster version of the character which ends up making him really hollow because everything is so obvious, Harley’s colorful design has a lot more individuality and shows off her quirky personality.

In a way, this cover also shows how far Harley Quinn has come since her introduction in 1993. Batman: The Animated Series. She went from Joker’s sidekick and girlfriend to her own independent persona with a colorful past, present, and future. His personality and use of unreliable storytelling in his stories make his comic book series as fun as it is unpredictable. This new cover will be available with that of Stephanie Phillips and Riley Rossmo Harley Quinn #14which is due out in April, and shows that harley quinn does not need Joker more because she succeeded on her own and can prove how by improving the ridiculous Jared Leto design.

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Source: League of Comic Book Geeks

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