Hermitage accuses Rammstein singer of illegal use of his artwork

The Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg accused in its account of Telegram to the singer of the German group Rammstein, Till Lindemann, for illegal use of the museum’s name and images of the works in its collection.

As part of a contract between the Hermitage and Till Lindemann on April 30, the museum granted the musician the right to reproduce three images of works of art in the music video for his song “Liubimy Górod” (“The favorite city”, in Russian). The artist “agreed that in order to use the images of the museum objects for other purposes, it is necessary to sign a separate agreement”, indicates the text published on Telegram, and in May he recorded the video at the interior of the Hermitage.

However, denounces the museum, the singer violated the conditions of the contract and included in the video clip images that had not been previously agreed by the parties.

Additionally, Lindemann changed the purpose of using the images without entering into any additional agreement and placed a collection of NFT tokens on the NFT Frame Art platform using both images of objects from the collection and the name of the Hermitage Museum.

The institution has sent “breach of contract notification and denunciation letters” to Lindemann, but he has yet to respond to the letters and has not publicly responded to the accusations.

Christopher S. Washington