Hillsborough crews work to destroy commercial grade fireworks trailer

HILLSBOROUGH, NC (WNCN) – Several Hillsborogh and county agencies closed roads on Friday, working together to make way for a trailer full of commercial grade fireworks.

“As we all know, fireworks are dangerous, they are unpredictable and can cause serious injury and death,” said Kirby Saunders, director of emergency services for Orange County.

Officials say the fireworks belonged to a distributor who stored them in a trailer on their property on Faucette Mill Road when they retired.

Now the owner is hoping to sell the property and has called on authorities to help him safely remove and destroy the fireworks.

“No matter how you look at it, fireworks are dangerous. These are not toys, they are explosives. You have to remove it with shovels that don’t spark, you have to have some equipment and it will be a long and tedious process as you want to make sure you don’t disturb it where it will spark or cause any kind. flash where you put someone in danger, then they’re going to do it very slowly, carefully and meticulously, ”said Elizabeth Farnan, interim Orange County Fire Marshal.

City officials say that because the fireworks are so old, they don’t plan to explode. The fireworks will be destroyed at the Resco product quarry.

“It is really important to me that all of our residents, visitors and everyone who comes to Hillsborogh feel safe and stay safe, so we are going to go above and beyond,” said Farnan.

People are not allowed to monitor the elimination process because the crews want to keep everyone safe. However, the trails near the quarry will remain open.

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