Holographic Pokemon art turns ghost Pokemon into nightmares

A Pokemon fan artist has released an awesome holographic art print, which features nightmarish renditions of the popular evolutionary line Gastly.

A Pokemon The fan artist has released an awesome holographic art print featuring the popular Gastly scalable line. As a classic Ghost-type, Gastly is a particularly scary Pokemon, an aesthetic that has earned it a huge following since its debut as part of Generation I.

Gastly and its evolved forms have enjoyed consistent popularity over the years. Gengar in particular is well regarded as one of the strongest ghost-types in the franchise, with great stats and a large move pool, making him a popular choice for trainers. This popularity was likely part of the reason Gengar was one of the Pokemon selected to receive a Mega Evolution in Generation VI, which only made the Pokemon even more powerful. With that in mind, it’s no surprise to learn that Gengar has inspired plenty of creepy fan art over the years.


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Now, new fan art featuring the entire evolving Gastly line is drawing praise on Reddit. User dead-rex received over two thousand upvotes for their holographic art print, which features stylized versions of every Pokemon from Gastly to Mega Gengar. Gigantamax Gengar is the only form missing from the image, titled “Dream Eater”, which features the ghosts with dangerous claws and sharp teeth in full screen. The bright colors and jagged lines make it clear that these ghosts are real nightmares in the making. Dream Eater itself is a Psychic-type move that is strongly associated with the Shadow Pokémon, being a move that can be learned by Gengar in the battle arena game. Pokemon UNITE.

Holographic fan art also available to order

For fans wowed by the awesome visuals, Dream Eater prints are now available on Etsy via the DeadRexCreations shop. Printed on lightweight card stock, these prints measure 11 by 17 inches and will cost buyers $28.80 plus shipping. However, due to shipping difficulties, orders are currently limited to the United States and Canada. In more positive news, this likely won’t be the only print of interest to fans, as dead-rex has produced similar works featuring a variety of other Pokémon before, with another featuring Tyranitar to be released. in a close future. Of course, it’s also worth noting that Gengar’s popularity among fans is also reflected in more official merchandise, like a recently revealed Squishmallow pillow at SDCC.

The art style of dead-rex clearly emphasizes the danger of Gastly, Gengar and others. The many wicked teeth and razor-sharp lines of Ghost-type Pokémon show them in a terrifying light, as creatures that haunt the same dreams and nightmares they feed on. This dramatic imagery clearly did not scare Pokemon fans, however. Quite the contrary, in fact, many are now praising the artwork and its artist. Holographic details are another important aspect of the work, enhancing the visual impact and evoking even the rarest TCG card types. This unique style of Pokemon the fan art has earned its creator many fans, who will now no doubt be eager to see their next work.

Source: dead-rex/Reddit, DeadRexCreations/Etsy

Christopher S. Washington