How to create colorful fireworks in Minecraft

With a little paper and gunpowder, Minecraft players can create firework rockets that provide decorative explosions and add style to any party.

With items known as firework stars, Minecraft players can change the color of a firework rocket explosion. This makes for awesome fireworks that contain an assortment of colors and effects, and some members of the Minecraft community have put together some really awesome fireworks.

Minecraft: create fireworks stars

Using fireworks stars and additional materials can create fireworks that are much more visually appealing (Image via Mojang)
Using firework stars and additional materials can create fireworks that are much more visually appealing (Image via Mojang)

Using gunpowder and dye, Minecraft players can create firework stars that change the color of a created firework rocket.

By simply placing a piece of gunpowder on the left center slot of the crafting grid and placing a dye of any color in the center, players can create a firework star, making it a fairly easy object to create.

Once players have their firework star, they can add it to the recipe for making a firework rocket (paper + gunpowder) to change the rocket explosion color .

Players can also add materials such as Crowd Heads, Diamonds, Feathers, Glowing Stone Dust, Gold Nuggets, and Fire Charges while creating a Firework Star to add additional effects.

If a dye is combined with a firework star after it is created, a “fade” effect can be produced which allows the colors to change. Up to eight dyes can be added to a firework star for this changing effect.

Types of dyes and how to make them

When creating dyes, Minecraft has tons of options. Below is a list of dyes and what they can be made from:

  • White dye – Created from bone meal and lily of the valley
  • Light gray stain – Created by combining black and white dye, white and gray dye, or making it from Azure Bluet, Oxeye Daisy or White Tulip flowers.
  • Gray dye – Made from the combination of black and white dye.
  • Black dye – Obtained from Inkbags or Wither Roses.
  • Red dye – Obtained from poppies, red tulips, roses and beets.
  • Orange dye – Obtained by combining red and yellow dye or making it from orange tulip flowers.
  • Yellow dye – Made from dandelions or sunflowers.
  • Lime stain – Created by combining green and white coloring or melting sea gherkins in an oven.
  • Light blue dye – Made by combining a blue and white dye or using a blue orchid.
  • cyan dye – Made by combining blue and green dye.
  • Blue dye – Made using Lapis Lazuli or Blueberries.
  • Violet dye – Made by combining red and blue dye.
  • Magenta dye – Created by combining: pink + purple dyes, red + blue + white dyes, pink + red + blue dyes, or by making it with Allium or Lilac.
  • Pink dye – Created in Minecraft by combining red and white dyes or using pink tulips or peony flowers.
  • Brown dye – Made from cocoa beans.
  • Green dye – Creation of molten cactus blocks in an oven.

Additionally, in the Minecraft: Bedrock and Education editions, items such as bone meal, ink bags, lapis lazuli, and cocoa beans can replace the dyes from which they are typically made (i.e. (i.e. using lapis lazuli in place of the blue dye).

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