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Jake Johnson said the leaked recording of Tom Cruise’s warning Mission: Impossible 7 the team on their non-compliance with COVID protocols aligned with the intensity of the actor, with whom he worked in 2017 The Mummy.

“Yeah, he’s an intense guy,” the Ride the eagle star told Matt Wilstein, lead writer and host of The last laugh of the Daily Beasts Podcast. “I mean, whatever he wants to do in a movie – I can’t make any human statements outside of that because I don’t know him that well – but in terms of a filmmaker, he wants to entertain an audience, and if you’re not all about that, you’re going to get run over the Bronco, because he’s there to entertain an audience and he’s willing to really put himself in danger to do it.

In December 2020, The sun published audio of the Impossible mission the filming of the UK film which featured members of Cruise’s crew lambasting who had violated the production’s COVID social distancing safety protocols. The star was taped saying he “never wanted to see him again” and if the production crew didn’t follow safety procedures, “you get fired.”

Johnson, who starred alongside Cruise in the reboot of Universal’s The Mummy, said he had firsthand experience of the intensity Cruise brings each day. The actor, who starred in New girl and has had leading roles in comedians like Label, said Cruise was “not of his generation” of actors, whom he describes as “more of an improviser” in that he is “deeply committed” and enjoys his roles.

“If you don’t like him as much as him, you’re not at the party,” the actor said. “So while I was working with him, that was just it – you wake up early, you go to the gym before you shoot to be ready to go.” It was just… I had never worked with someone like that.

Johnson described Cruise as a thoughtful and passionate artist who “knows every lens of every camera and what it’s supposed to do.” This dedication was part of the reason Johnson ultimately shied away from playing the role in the Alex Kurtzman-directed film. The actor knew that Cruise was the kind of artist who gave everything, even in his stunts.

“I got a really random call, did I want to be in The Mummy franchise with Tom Cruise, and my first thought was, ‘No. Not a chance, ”he said. “The reason why I hesitated to The Mummy is Tom Cruise is an intimidating character, and mostly because I had to do action sequences with him. And I’m like, “Look, I’m going to do some action sequences with an actor who likes stuntmen.” It is not him.

Recalling a stunt the two did while filming the film, Johnson said that after feeling like he was injured, Cruise, while checking to see if he was okay, made the distinction between ” injured “and” injury “to determine if he should restart the stunt.

“We were in a three story building that collapsed and I landed on my back and told him something was wrong because I was hurt, and he said, ‘Hurt or hurt ? And I said, ‘What’s the difference?’ Johnson said. “He said, ‘Can you go back, or is something broken? And I was like, ‘No, I mean I can go back.’ And then he says, ‘So you’re hurt. Of course, you are injured. You fell from a three-story building.

It was at this point that Johnson said he realized that Cruise was not “faking it” when it came to stunts and giving himself a role fully. “When you see him on a horse and he’s thrown and he folds up and rolls around, his back is bruised, but like, he likes the kick. When he clings to one side of a plane and takes off and the wind hits his face and it looks like he’s ripping off his skin – [it’s] because it tears her skin apart.

Johnson said the experience of working with The Mummy and Impossible mission star was “wild” and something that still has an impact years later, right down to the design elements of a room in Johnson’s house.

“It was so wild and he still influences me to this day,” he said. “Like I have a gym in my garage based on his gym that we trained in together. He’s a very influential guy.”

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