In two months, spot the blue and pink e-cars on Delhi’s roads

Within two months, blue and pink electric cars will compete with green and yellow CNG cars on Delhi’s roads. About 1,400 of these will be reserved for female pilots and will be pink in color, while the rest will be blue.

The Delhi government has set up an electronic car show at two locations to drive more people to a cleaner mode of public transport. Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot on Monday opened the 7-day fair at the Institute of Driving, Training and Research (IDTR), Sarai Kale Khan, which will run until October 31 between 9 a.m. and 4 a.m. daily. . A similar fair is also held at IDTR Loni.

“Future Delhi car drivers will be able to view and drive all available e-car models and explore the loan terms. E-Auto manufacturers Mahindra, Piaggio, ETO Motors and Saarthi and financiers like Mahindra Finance, Bajaj Fincorp, Convergence Energy Services Limited participate in the mela. The mela experts will also guide the applicants on how to register e-cars… In two months, these cars will start to circulate on the roads of Delhi, ”said a statement issued by the Ministry of Transport.

The department invited online applications for the registration of 4,261 e-autos. Of these, 33% (1,406) will be reserved for women candidates. “The e-cars will be colored blue, in accordance with the e-buses which will soon be integrated into the DTC fleet. However, e-cars registered by a woman would be pink. The department has already received 6,352 applications as of October 25, ”said the press release.

Anyone with a valid driver’s license for a light motor vehicle (LMV) or a three-seater automatic rickshaw (TSR) can apply. The applicant must be a Delhi resident and must have an Aadhaar card with an address in Delhi. The applicant must obtain a public service vehicle badge within 45 days of the draw. Applicants can visit to apply and can call the 1076 helpline for assistance.

The government offers an incentive to purchase Rs 30,000 by e-auto and loans with a 5% interest subsidy through incorporated agencies. License and road tax exemptions will also apply under the electric vehicle policy.

“Switching to clean electric vehicles has been the government’s top priority… With over 1,400 cars reserved for women, this would be one of the biggest steps a city has taken to increase the presence of women in public transport. and overall. women’s safety, ”Gahlot said.

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