It’s Almost Time for Leonard Cohen’s Songs from the Art of Time Ensemble

JThe Art of Time set will celebrate a Canadian icon on their upcoming album Leonard Cohen Songs Livearriving next week.

“The 13 tracks on this album were recorded live as part of a Leonard Cohen tribute in 2018,” says Andrew Burashko, The set of time art‘s founder and artistic director. Over three evenings, this tribute also featured 15 Canadian authors and poets, many of whom knew Leonard Cohen personally. These shows were deeply moving, and it shows in every performance.

“In choosing the songs for this tribute, I wanted to span the span of Cohen’s career, featuring both well-known classics and lesser-known tracks such as come heal and Treaty since very late in his career. I also deliberately chose a diverse group of composers and arrangers with disparate sensibilities to create a very distinct aesthetic universe for each song. The singers on this album are all veterans and icons of the Canadian pop music scene – all forces of nature and in their own right. Their passion for these songs shines through in every performance.

One of the standout tracks on the album – due out September 29 – is a haunting take on Cohen’s signature classic Alleluiasung by Steven Page and Gregory Hoskin, as the song’s memorable waltz lyrics beat in time with even the most robust heartstring. Other notable figures include come healwith Sarah Harmerand A singer must die, also sung by Page. Harmer’s version features piano, woodwinds, and string accompaniment with his brilliant voice sounding poignant today. Page’s point of view A singer must die is almost comical. Still, its output is peppered with sad undertones. At times, you’ll feel like you’re in a smoky 1950s Parisian jazz club sipping whiskey.

The set of time art were born in 1998, brought together by Burashko’s vision. With a mission “to engage diverse audiences in powerful artistic experiences through the performances, collaborative efforts and curatorial vision of its Artistic Director. The ensemble draws on Toronto’s finest artistic creators from the worlds of music, art, dance and theatre. They combine high art and popular culture, enriching and enlightening their audiences through the power of music. The dedication of the ensemble’s cast of arrangers, musicians and artists has maintained the ensemble’s strength for over 20 years, resulting in collaborations with people from all corners of the world. ‘art.

Tom Wilson.

Band members over the years have included Jonathan Goldsmith, Rachel Mercier (main cellist of the National Arts Orchestra), Benjamin Bowman (master concert of Metropolitan Opera), Stephane Sitarski (concert master of Orchestra Spirit), steven dan (soloist and former solo viola of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and Toronto Symphony Orchestra), Thomas Wieb (soloist and cellist of the Threesome Duke); Phil Dwyer (renowned jazz composer and saxophonist), the great Canadian guitarist Rob Piltch, and much more. In addition to a pool of experienced musicians, The set of time art works with dancers, filmmakers, artists and writers.

The set of time art range for Leonard Cohen Songs Live includes singers Steven Page, Thomas Wilson, Sarah Harmer, Gregory Hoskin and Sarah Slanaccompanied by Andrew Burashkopiano; Amy Laingcello; Robert Carlsaxophone/clarinet and arranger; Sheila Jaffeviolin; Rob Piltchguitar; Joseph Phillipsbass; Brian Bairdarranger; Gavin Bryansarranger; Andrew Downarranger; Kevin Foxarranger; Jim McGratharranger.

Watch videos for Alleluia and come heal above sample more music from The set of time art below, and spend some quality time at their website, Facebook, Twitter and instagram.

Christopher S. Washington