Jay Chou Shares Music Video For New Single “Greatest Works Of Art” With Chinese Pianist Lang Lang

Jay Chou has released a music video for his new single ‘Greatest Works Of Art’ (‘最偉大的作品’) which was shot in Paris and features Chinese pianist Lang Lang.

The new music video, shared on July 6, was directed by Chou himself. It takes place in the Samaritaine department store located in the French capital and features visual references to the painting “The Son of Man” by Belgian artist René Magritte and an actor resembling the surrealist Salvador Dalí. Both artists are mentioned in the song’s lyrics, as are Matisse, Monet and Van Gogh.

Halfway through the “Greatest Works Of Art” video, Chou confronts Lang Lang on the piano. Watch it below:

Last month, the Taiwanese Mandopop star hinted at a new album in a vlog shot in Paris, teasing “old sounds” recorded with vintage instruments. In the final seconds of the video, Chou appears to be performing and recording music while standing on the staircase of the Palais Garnier opera house.

This vlog also revealed the album’s July 15 release date. The new disc will be his first studio album since 2016’s “Jay Chou’s Bedtime Stories.”

Chou is due to tour Singapore at the end of the year, performing sold-out shows on December 17 and 18 at the National Stadium. He will perform in Malaysia on January 15, 2023.

Christopher S. Washington