Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art to Show 2022 Exhibition

KYOTO, Japan, March 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art will offer visitors a unique museum experience in Kyoto by planning the following programming for fiscal year 2022.

Mochizuki Gyokusen, Kylin and Phoenix, 1907 Kyoto City Museum of Art

Held in the main building, Ornate Art of the Meiji Period: Shining Kyoto Artists of the Imperial Court (working title) features nineteen artists from the imperial court with ties to Kyoto with a focus on the Meiji period.

The Imperial Court Artists System was established in 1890 by the Imperial Household Ministry to honor and protect outstanding artists and artisans. In addition to encouraging art, the purpose behind setting up the system was to help painters and artisans facing hardship after losing the protection of the shogunate and other fiefdoms following the Meiji Restoration, while preserving their exceptional skills. Imperial court artists received the highest honor and authority in the art world of their time, and many artists with ties to Kyoto were selected to join the system for its lifetime until 1944. Visitors are invited to experience the craftsmanship and beauty of Kyoto’s Meiji period through masterpieces that have been celebrated as the most great of its kind.

Higashiyama Cube, a new building for contemporary art exhibitions, presents Visionaries (working title) edited by Kawakami Noriko, who researched and speculated in the field of design. This exhibition will focus on the proposals and expressions of some twenty emerging artists and designers who boldly transcend the status quo to present new perspectives.

The museum’s collection currently includes approximately 3,800 works by Kyoto modern art which includes representative masterpieces of Japanese painting made by Kyoto artists between the Meiji and Showa periods, making it one of the leading collections of such works in Japan. Newly built on the occasion of the renewal of the Museum, the Hall of Collections will present masterpieces by popular artists representative of Kyoto and feature exhibits on various themes to provide visitors with a comprehensive experience of the fascination of Kyoto art.

Since the first year of the opening of the Museum’s renewal, Le Triangle – its newly created space – has introduced new talent centered on artists associated with Kyoto, allowing citizens and visitors to discover contemporary art. In 2022, three emerging artists Hikosaka Toshiaki, Fujita SaeYahata Aki will be introduced.

For events other than exhibitions organized by the Museum, please see the press release.

Christopher S. Washington