LETTER: Leave the fireworks in Sioux City to the professionals | Letters

I agree with Mayor Bob Scott, Sioux City Council should be ready to vote on the fireworks and, in my opinion, once and for all.

We have more important things to focus on. Let’s wash our hands of it as a city. The people in our community have spoken and no one wants to listen to the loud sounds of fireworks near their home, neither do they want possible damage, possible accidents, debris on their street and no taxpayer wants to fund the city by fines.

I admit that I bought fireworks locally and always followed the rules and properly unloaded them during the appointed times, and also went without unloading them and enjoyed professional demonstrations. I listened to the neighbors’ concerns about the fireworks until late in the morning. We need to see the big picture, we need to take care of our veterans, many owners have pets, and we need to consider overall safety.

I am a defender of personal freedoms; However, I think the solution here is simple. Leave the fireworks to the professionals. We have the opportunity to create something special here. Maybe when the riverside is completely renovated, we can capture the imaginations of residents and visitors and show how special the city of Sioux is and can be with professional fireworks. Sioux City must be a city admired and respected. We need to attract business and create solutions that will reflect a better future for all. – Jake Jungers, Sioux City

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