London’s open-air cultural festival brings art to Marble Arch with stunning lighting

Marble Arch, London’s world-renowned landmark, hosts an illumination of Claire Luxton’s work “Metamorphosis” as part of the Inside Out Festival, a celebration of outdoor cultural and artistic exhibits in London’s West End.

Marble Arch London BID and English Heritage are working in partnership to support the Inside Out festival, part of the wider Westminster Reveals campaign, the latest in a series of initiatives introduced by Westminster City Council to encourage visitors to return through the city streets and enjoy London’s famous cultural scene.

The festival celebrated arts and culture at outdoor venues in London’s West End, including outdoor performances, open-air exhibitions and cultural and artistic facilities from some of the best theaters, opera houses, museums and galleries in the region. Highlights so far include an exhibition at the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square and the Tusk Lion Trail, 22 life-size lion sculptures guiding visitors on a journey to the West End’s most iconic landmarks.

Claire Luxton’s work – titled “Metamorphosis” – celebrates life, nature and optimism, and is projected onto the iconic Marble Arch monument from sunset October 27-30. This spectacular illumination will be a major attraction for visitors considering day trips to central London to enjoy shopping and dining.

Kay Buxton, CEO of Marble Arch London BID, comments: “We are delighted that Marble Arch is hosting such an incredible piece of art. The Inside Out Festival offers visitors a safe and accessible way to experience London’s art and cultural sights, and we hope it will encourage more people to visit Marble Arch and enjoy the illuminations.

“The arrival of ‘Metamorphosis’ also coincides with the launch of our latest restaurant guide, A Taste of Marble Arch, which brings those who work, live and visit the Marble Arch area to learn more about the fantastic range. of restaurants, cafes and bars that we offer, and we hope that the illuminations will allow more people to taste these culinary delights.

Claire Luxton is a UK based multidisciplinary artist who specializes in photography, painting, poetry and installations and has collaborated with brands ranging from Adobe to McQueens as well as creating bespoke artwork. for clients such as the Birmingham Royal Ballet and JP Morgan.

Claire Luxton, Metamorphosis Artist, said: “In recent times we have seen a world come together in the face of uncertainty, isolation and adversity. At the forefront of this camaraderie is an inspiring energy, not with a message of sadness, but a collective outpouring of hope, love and creativity. I have always found art inspiring and therapeutic; I think he has a way of uplifting people and communicating on a non-verbal level. Hope & Other Stories: ‘Metamorphosis’, aims to be a celebration of brotherhood, joy and hope for the future. An exploration of the visual, transcending the tacit social barriers that are often in our path, and a coming together of open minds and new perspectives.

“Marble Arch was designed as a gateway and a celebration. Now located on the edge of Hyde Park, I wanted Hope & Other Stories: ‘Metamorphosis’ to be a celebration of new life, nature and optimism. I’ve always been driven to explore our relationship with nature and how important it is to celebrate and protect our ecosystem. The ever-evolving video projection on Marble Arch will combine the beautiful architecture of the original structure with the organic shapes and evolutions of butterflies, flowers and nature. The result will be a celebration of life, color, light and energy.

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