“Looking up” at D’Arcy Simpson Art Works

Jeremy Bullis’ kinetic mobiles are a continuation of the work of his late father David Bullis. After traveling the world in his youth, David Bullis developed a gestural, organic and introspective style of kinetic art. He educated his son in the engineering concepts behind his designs and encouraged in him the meticulous precision and attention to detail that is necessary to create works of such perfect and seemingly effortless balance. Today Jeremy is an accomplished sculptor himself. In “Look Up”, David and Jeremy’s mobiles are on display, encapsulating a conversation about the movement of line, color and negative space through the decades between father and son.

In his latest work, Michael Larry Simpson pushes the edges of his rectangular color panel paintings to create larger, intricate geometric shapes, resulting in more dynamic, layered works. Simpson composes his pieces with multiple color panel paintings to create relationships that move the eye in and around the work, often in harmony, sometimes in discord. Its aim is “to evoke visceral and metaphorical possibilities” and “to engage the viewer in dynamic discourse”. Overall, the show’s pieces strike chords that seem hopeful and harmonious, yet defy easy contemplation, as Simpson invites viewers to look up, look around, and, ultimately, look. inside.

Christopher S. Washington