Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell get engaged in The Bachelor?

We are gradually approaching another final, Bachelor Fans!

The single person season 25 was a mad rush, to say the least. With less than a week to go, the race has been undeniably confusing so far, but not just for us watching at home. In the end, finding a woman at high speed turned out to be a fairly confrontational process for Matt James, albeit revealing.

In the last episode of The single person, we noticed more than ever that the road to televised love for Matt James might not be through engagement. No matter how fast the Season 25 frontman has to pick his future bride on the show, it seems clear that he doesn’t know exactly who or what he wants, all things considered. And who wouldn’t want more time to think about it?

That said, Matt James made some very tough decisions on Monday night’s episode. Of course it was fantastic suites week, some decisions therefore seemed inevitable. Ultimately, Matt sent Bri Springs home, confirming Reality Steve’s previous report of his plight. Naturally, many fans at home are still shaking and scratch your head about Matt’s decision, but Bri managed to get dumped after quitting her job to pursue love with an admirable amount of grace. Yes, she did shed a tear or two, but Bri also seemed to accept that she wasn’t the one for Matt, as he wasn’t for her in the end either.

Now, until the last two, the franchise advance is left to choose between Rachel kirkconnell and michelle young. And according to the teasers, this life-changing choice is going to be even more difficult for Matt james that most of us never saw coming.

Spoilers ahead for The single person season 25.

Who wins season 25 of The Bachelor?

As we previously reported, Reality Steve stated that michelle young leaves just before the final rose ceremony, leaving only Rachael Kirkconnell to say yes to the final rose and potentially, a proposal. But according to Reality Steve, that is not exactly what is happening.

The gossip guru claims that even though Matt and Rachael leave the show together, they don’t leave engaged. While there is no engagement ring, promise ring, or promise to get engaged on the road, Reality Steve says Matt tells his sweetheart that he “can’t imagine” his life. without Rachael in it.

However, it seems that their union may have been short-lived. Whether it’s because of the ongoing controversy surrounding Rachael Kirkconnell’s racist actions, real-world dating pressures, or both, it seems these two have already called that quit. Knowing everything we know now, maybe not getting engaged was the right choice after all, though it sure wasn’t an easy choice for Matt.

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