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n the performing arts cosmos, music has played an important role for centuries. He laid the foundations, in this region and in the world, for the birth of different forms of music. The growing importance that is now given to the study of music in an ethnographic form shows its integral hold on cultural mores and its acceptance over time.

In Pakistan, the cultural integration of music in commercial form is quite old. A clear example is the relationship that existed between Pakistan’s pioneer music groups: Vital Signs with Pepsi and Junoon with Coca-Cola.

From the late 2000s to the present, as Coca-Cola funded the iconic musical series Coke Studio (its fourteenth season is now over), appearing on the show is still the dream of many. And this year Coke Studio pulled out all the stops to create a radically different experience for those who watched the series, followed by those who witnessed it live in Dubai.

Although Coca-Cola’s association with sports is undeniable, especially during the ongoing 2022 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup featuring a song by Atif Aslam; the musical collaboration between a group of artists, courtesy of a mobile network, represents what should have been said a long time ago: we must look beyond cricket even though we celebrate and cherish it, and understand the idea of ​​playing in a bigger context.

Walk in: ‘Khel Dil Mein Hai’

What’s usually a shocking experience is actually fun and nuanced if you spend time listening to the lyrical material.

With Eva B, Meesha Shafi, Abdullah Siddiqui and Asim Azhar, ‘Khel Dil Mein Hai’ is a suspension to focus on a single sport, but also caters to underrated sports including boxing or hockey and female athletes. It is metaphorical in the sense that it presents the idea that the world is a stage and that we must play our roles in order to thrive and survive.

With Music Produced by Abdullah Siddiqui, Composed by Abdullah Siddiqui and Meesha Shafi and Written by Meesha Shafi and Eva B, it’s everything a song like this should be. A celebration of sport but of the broader sense of the spirit of the game.

In Pakistan, the integration of music in commercial form is quite old. But very recently, the musical collaboration between a group of artists, through a mobile network, represents what should have been said a long time ago: we must look beyond cricket even as we celebrate and cherish it, and understand the idea of ​​playing in a larger context.

Meesha Shafi and Eva B’s performance is so strong it steals the show from someone as popular as Asim Azhar. Although it’s probably not intentional, the song is so fun that it doesn’t sound like a commercial or commercial.

In fact, Meesha Shafi, who is growing as a producer and songwriter, and seems to be testing new waters with each release, followed ‘Khel Dil Mein Hai’ with a track for Hush hushan Amazon Prime India series directed by Tanuja Chandra with Juhi Chawla as one of the main protagonists.

Shafi, who has shown how strong she is as an artist with every release, advocated for up-and-coming artists in one song and brought mesmerizing beauty to another.

Talk about Meray Mahru’ for Hush hushMeesha said Camber of Toronto: “It was a pleasure to sing this hauntingly beautiful composition and poetry. Tanuja is an inspiration and tells such an important story, I was honored to be a part of Hush hush. Sameer wrote classically lush Urdu poetry for this song. Very sensitive and balancing pain and beauty which is my weakness. Arijit Dutta’s composition and arrangement are equally beautiful and haunting. For me, ‘Meray Mahru’ was instant love – it was love at first listen.

We agree. It was love at first listen for us too.

When asked what it was like working with Asim, Abdullah and the dynamic Eva B for ‘Khel Dil Mein Hai’, Meesha Shafi noted, “Well, Abdullah is a longtime collaborator now, so it was familiar but very exciting because I had never written a commercial anthem before, and we wanted to do something motivational that didn’t. didn’t have the same old, tired, mundane sports references. It was also the first time we’d done a song sitting in the same room and not at a distance across oceans.

“Asim is a pleasure to work with. He is very hardworking and humble. I wrote his parts and he really took the opportunity to deliver them with his signature flair.

“Eva is a powerhouse! She is so grounded in her craft, and she wrote and recorded such a fiery verse with great speed. I’m not easily impressed by rap, but she’s definitely a force in the genre and she’s here to stay!

In the end, as the two songs had enchanted us, the news of another project ft. Meesha Shafi is also out. But more on that later. For now listen ‘Khel Dil Mein Hai’ and try to find the metaphors that apply to life almost as much as they apply to literally any sport. Also, listen to the glorious ‘Meray Mahru’ because this is Shafi at the top of his game.

Christopher S. Washington